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Buy Wellness Mantra KarsiGo Capsules at Best Price Online

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Can Fight, Can Overcome

Secrets of Ayurveda for effective management of Cancer

Cancer, defined as the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body, is one of the biggest causes of mortality in the world today. The reasons for the development of cancer can vary from dietary habits, exposure to carcinogens, hereditary, acquired through habits or many other external factors. It attacks the human immune system, weakening the mental, physical as well as emotional defences.

KarsiGo™ Capsules is a marvellous ayurvedic combination of precious antineoplastic herbo-minerals, that prevent abnormal growth of cells and tissues. It nourishes the body as a whole, influencing several organs simultaneously. KarsiGo™ Capsules is useful in treating various types of benign, malignant and degenerative conditions and also help in reducing the side-effects of the treatment.

It is prepared by following ancient Ayurveda texts and shastras. KarsiGo™ contains potent herbs like Suvarna Vasant Malti and Hirak Bhasma which work on abnormal cell functioning. It also has Rasa Sindoor which works on strengthening the immune system, Rohitak, which is effective in managing tissue swelling along with Haridra, Sarsharp and other herbs that play an important role in the fight against cancer.


The ingredients of KarsiGo™ capsules are known to 

Restore natural cellular health by correcting disturbed intra-cellular functions

Promote autophagy and apoptosis in order to allow the generation of new and healthy cells and tissues

Boost both innate and humoral immunity thus protecting the body from external factors that attack cells and disturb their regular functions

Nourish tissues that regulate multiple body functions thus keeping body organs well-functioning 

Support healthy ageing and promote physical and mental fitness 



Suggested Dosage: 1- 2 Capsules, twice or thrice a day, with Tulsipatra or Honey or as directed by the Physician.

Karsigo™ Capsules is not a substitute for your prescribed medication. 

The ingredients of Karsigo™ Capsules are not known to cause any side effects if taken as per the suggested dosage. 

Karsigo™ Capsules show the best results with regular use along with physical exercise and a balanced diet. Spicy and high-sugar food is recommended to be avoided. 

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