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Khadi Almond & Saffron Moisturising Lotion

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Khadi Aloevera Moisturising Lotion

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Khadi Leafveda 18 herbs Hair oil

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Khadi Leafveda Almond & Saffron Moisturisng Lotion

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Khadi Leafveda Almond Soap

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Khadi Leafveda Aloe Vera Face Wash

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Khadi Leafveda Aloe Vera Herbal Gel

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Khadi Leafveda Aloe Vera Moisturising Lotion

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Khadi Leafveda Aloe Vera Soap

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Khadi Leafveda Amla & Bhramhi Hair Oil

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Khadi Leafveda Amla & Bhringraj Herbal Hair Cleanser

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Khadi Leafveda Apricot & Walnut Face Scrub

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Khadi Leafveda Apricot Scrub Soap

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Khadi Leafveda Basil Scrub Soap

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Khadi Leafveda Black Herbal Mehndi Amonia Free

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Khadi Leafveda Brown Herbal Mehndi Amonia Free

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Khadi Leafveda Chandan Haldi Soap

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Khadi Leafveda Jasmine Soap

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Khadi Leafveda Lavender & Ylang Ylang Body Wash

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Khadi Leafveda Lavender & Ylang Ylang Massage Oil

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Khadi Leafveda Lavender Soap

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Leafveda - Buy Best in Quality Leafveda Products Online

Summary:- Ayurveda is a holistic medicine system that originated in India. It has become increasingly popular in the West, and it's no surprise why. Ayurvedic medicines are made from natural ingredients without any artificial additives or preservatives, so they're safe to use long term. LeafVeda offers over 500 products for purchase online. They provide superior quality herbal remedies guaranteed to give you the relief you need with just one dose. Check out this list of the best ayurvedic medicines and products to buy online.

List of Top Rated LeafVeda Ayurvedic Medicine and Products to Buy Online in India

LeafVeda is one of the most reputed Ayurveda Company in India. It offers a wide range of products and medicines for daily use, hair care, skin care and home therapies that have been rigorously tested by experts to provide best results under all conditions. The company also provides customized treatment plans based on individual's body constitution (Prakriti), diet habits etc., along with other measures like Panchakarma Therapy to achieve healthy life free from diseases. LeafVeda has its own unique combination of natural ingredients such as herbs, flowers, fruits & vegetables which are enriched with modern science-based research methods using advanced technology processes involving cutting edge equipment giving you high quality products at affordable prices.

Best LeafVeda Ayurvedic Medicine to Buy Online in India

1)Khadi leafveda amla and bhringraj herbal hair cleanser (400 ml)

- Product Features - It is enriched with the goodness of amla, bhringaraj and other herbs that cleanse your hair naturally without stripping it off its natural oils. This herbal shampoo leaves behind a scent that lingers throughout the day without being too overpowering or sickly sweet like most commercial shampoos. Even though this herbal cleanser contains no harmful chemicals, it effectively removes dirt, oil and product build-up from the hair.

- Product Description and Benefits - Amla  is a natural source of Vitamin C, which is known to strengthen roots by reducing breakage and restoring shine. It also contains protein that helps protect hair while adding volume and bounce.

Khadi leafveda amla and bhringraj herbal hair cleanser can stimulate new hair growth, reduce scalp conditions such as dandruff or dryness, fight premature graying of hairs due to its richness in antioxidants like Vitamins A & E, prevent split ends, restore luster to damaged/dyed blond or gray tresses without drying them out. This herb has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicines (Aushadhis) as well as cosmetics it promotes healthy-looking skin and hair.

2)Khadi leafveda shikakai and honey herbal hair cleanser

This shampoo is infused with a blend of essential oils that helps to cleanse and nourish the hair. Khadi leafveda shikakai and honey herbal hair cleanser has organic shikakai powder, which gently cleanses scalp and hair without disturbing natural oil balance.

3)Khadi leafveda herbal aloe vera face wash

Khadi leafveda herbal aloe vera face wash gentle cleansing gel removes dirt & excess oil from skin while preventing acne breakouts. With Aloe Vera, cucumber and turmeric extracts it also hydrates your skin leaving it soft and supple after every use.

4)LeafVeda neem Tulsi anti dandruff scalp treatment pack

The combination of Neem Tulsi packs contain antibacterial properties that help fight dandruff effectively along with moisturizing ingredients like amla, shikakai and honey.

5)LeafVeda Tulsi Neem face pack

This anti acne treatment helps to soothe skin while reducing oiliness due to presence of neem & tulsi extracts. It is packed with goodness of organic turmeric powder which reduces blemishes and prevents future breakouts.

6)Khadi leafveda herbal aloe vera night cream

Packed with Aloe Vera, cucumber and olive oils this overnight moisturizer will leave your skin soft in the morning’s sun rays. The Vitamin E content found from almond oil provides a protective layer on top of the skin that keeps moisture in throughout the day without causing any greasiness or clogged pores.

7)Khadi leafveda lemon and honey herbal hair cleanser for dry and oily hair

Bestselling, cheap and high rated herbal shampoo. Cleanses hair without stripping away natural oils or shine. Soothes the scalp with a great fragrance of lemon & honey. The product is 100% chemical free that makes it suitable for all types of hair especially color treated/ permed/unprocessed/curly hairs. Helps to control dandruff as well as being safe on colored / bleached / relaxed or keratin-treated tresses too. Here are some more benefits:-

- Treats Hair loss

- Controls Dandruff

- Contains Pure Herbs

- Prevents from Premature Graying

- Makes Hair Healthy & Lustrous Skin Friendly Product

8)Khadi leafveda satritha herbal hair cleanser

Khadi leafveda satritha herbal hair cleanser comes with natural ingredients and essential oils. It is mild on hair and removes the dirt, dust particles that are present in the scalp. This herbal shampoo stimulates blood circulation which helps reduce dandruff formation at your scalp.

9)Khadi leaf aveda smooth and silk herbal hair conditioner

Khadi leaf aveda silk herbal conditioner is especially formulated for dry and rough hair. It makes the hair soft, smooth and shiny without weighing them down.

10)Khadi leafveda soya protein conditioner

Description: Khadi leafveda soya protein conditioner is enriched with soy beans which strengthen the roots of hair. It protects from dandruff, dryness, falling of hairs & itching scalp. The usage provides a natural shine to your hair making it soft & silky smooth for long time use.

11)Khadi leafveda aloe vera face wash

Khadi leafveda aloe vera face wash is one of the best and highly recommended products for all types of skin. The natural extracts used in this soap are high on quality, which makes it an ideal choice to buy online.

12)Khadi leafveda orange and lemongrass face wash

This Khadi leafveda face wash is enriched with pure neem and tulsi extracts, orange and lemongrass oils. It leaves skin feeling fresh and clean without making it dry or stretchy. The best part about this product is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like parabens etc., thus ensuring a healthy skin care regime for all the women out there. Khadi leaf veda orange and lemongrass face wash Ayurvedic soap can be used by both men as well as women on their faces to remove impurities, dirt, oil build-up, sweat secretion from pores of the facial skin while protecting them from dandruff formation at the same time because of its antifungal properties present in natural ingredients such as neem powder infused in it.

13)Khadi leafveda neem and tea tree face wash

The face wash is a gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types. It contains extracts of neem and tea tree which not only give it antibacterial properties but also help reduce acne, pimples and other blemishes on the face. It has natural astringent qualities to remove excess oil from your skin while cleansing deeply into pores. Khadi leafveda neem and tea tree face wash can be used by both men and women once or twice daily depending upon their needs.

14)Khadi leafveda neem foaming face wash

Khadi leafveda neem foaming face wash is a 100% pure herbal antibacterial face wash which has neem and tulsi extracts. It cleans the skin deeply without any side effects. This product offers free shipping all over India, so you can enjoy quick delivery within two days of placing an order online on LeafVeda website or from third-party websites like Junglee and Myntra. To make things easier for our customers, we are offering this best price with additional discount/offer in the form of coupons code along with great deals under the sale section given below.

15)Khadi leafveda 18 herbs hair oil

Khadi leafveda 18 herbs hair oil is an oil with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is beneficial for all the three doshas, especially pitta dosha people who suffer from bacterial infections of the scalp such as ringworm, dermatitis, itching etc. This herbal oil contains 18 powerful herbs which are effective in treating alopecia (receding hairs), dryness of skin and itchiness caused due to seborrhea.

16)Khadi leafveda rosemary and henna hair oil

Khadi leafveda rosemary and henna hair oil is a unique product which is formulated with essential Rosemary and Henna extracts. It has the goodness of natural ingredients that work on hair thinning, premature greying, dandruff and other scalp infections to give you a healthy scalp free from problems.

This oil works wonders for your hair as it contains zero chemicals or any preservatives so it's 100% safe to use without worrying about side effects. This herbal based Khadi leafveda rosemary henna hair oil deeply penetrates into the roots nourishing each strand giving them a shiny look along with controlling hair fall.

This herbal hair oil also acts as a natural conditioner which works to boost the roots of your hairs and helps in making them stronger thus preventing breakage as well. It has an amazing fragrance that keeps you refreshed for long hours without causing any irritation or itching on your scalp even when used daily during summers or humid weather conditions.

17)Khadi leafveda amla and bhramhi hair oil is a very good hair oil for dry and damaged hair. It is an herbal product having no side effects on the scalp or skin. It is beneficial for hair fall problems.

18)Khadi leafveda triphala hair oil

Khadi leafveda triphala hair oil is a natural oil that contains antifungal properties. It is also an astringent which means it can help with skin conditions including acne and boils, eczema or psoriasis. Also prevents hair loss due to breakage while improving the thickness of your hair naturally.

19)LeafVeda amla neem pack 

This face pack helps in removing blemishes as well as dark spots on the skin by lightening them without harming your natural complexion at all. It has cucumber extract along with aloe vera juice so you get a cooling effect after applying this mask too.

20)Khadi leafveda rose and honey body wash

21)Khadi leafveda lavender and ylang body was

This Leafveda ayurvedic product is used to cleanse and nourish the body skin. It has good antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe irritated skin.

22)Khadi leafveda lemongrass body wash

It is a  daily body wash. It is made from 100% natural ingredients like lemon grass, coconut oil and other essential oils. Khadi leafveda lemongrass body wash comes in a bottle of 500 ml with a pump dispenser that makes it easy for us to control the amount we need.

23)Khadi leafveda sandalwood and honey body wash

It is used to cleanse and nourish the skin. Khadi leafveda sandalwood and honey body wash is made from natural ingredients that are safe to use on all types of skins, even babies. It has sandalwood oil which makes it a perfect body wash for normal as well as dry skin type because with regular usage, this product helps in balancing your body's pH level at home itself.

24)Khadi leafveda sandalwood soap

Khadi leafveda sandalwood soap is a facial soap made of sandalwood and other herbal extracts. Sandalwood has been used for centuries in India as a remedy for many skin problems by Ayurvedic practitioners, including acne, psoriasis, dryness etc. It also helps reduce wrinkles. The soap is suitable to all types of skin but especially beneficial to those with sensitive or mature complexions avoiding chemical ingredients that are harmful such as parabens and SLSs (Sodium Laureth Sulphate).

25)Khadi leafveda aloe vera soap

This natural soap is made from pure extracts of aloe vera. Khadi leafveda aloe vera soap nourishes, moisturizes and protects your skin while cleansing it gently without stripping away the moisture.

26)Khadi leafveda rose jasmine face pack

The gentle formula has a base of organic turmeric which acts as an antiseptic to heal acne-prone complexions; it also offers protection against environmental pollutants that can lead to premature aging.

27)Khadi leafveda lemongrass soap

It is a mild soap with antibacterial and anticandidal properties. It has lemongrass oil which is known to be a powerful antiseptic that helps in removing the toxins from your skin pores. Khadi leafveda lemongrass soap contains honey which helps in nourishing and moisturizing the skin. It has glycerine to help retain moisture of your skin, tea tree oil is known for its soothing effect on dry & sensitive skin along with other ingredients like neem extract that is a mild antiseptic & antibacterial agent.

28)Khadi leafveda almond soap

Khadi leafveda almond soap is a soap with nourishing almond oil and moisturizing milk for gentle cleansing, leaving the skin soft. It is suitable for daily use on all types of skin, especially sensitive and dry skin. This soap contains pure extracts from organic farming plants like Almond (Prunus Amygdalus), Fuller's Earth (Terra Japonica), Chickpea flour(Cicer Arietinum) & Wheat Germ Oil. These natural ingredients are known to have beneficial effects on your body and mind. Khadi leafveda almond soap comes in 100 gm pack size which can be used as hand wash or face wash.

29)Khadi leafveda neem soap

Khadi leafveda neem soap is a good soap for acne, scar removal and skin problems. It is very useful in treating dark circles under the eyes and blackheads on the face as well. Khadi neem leafveda soaps are a great way to clear your skin naturally without spending too much.

30)Khadi leafveda chandan haldi soap

Khadi leafveda chandan haldi soap is a natural, herbal soap for daily use. It gently and cleanses the skin while moisturizing it. Haldi or turmeric is known as a natural antiseptic that helps in preventing bacterial infections by killing germs that cause them; thus making this soap useful to treat acne, wounds. Sandalwood has antibacterial properties that help protect from diseases caused due to microorganisms like fungi and bacteria. It contains extracts of lemongrass (antiseptic), neem (anti-inflammatory), tulsi leaves (astringent) & dhanyaka oil ( purifies blood).

31)Khadi leafveda lavender soap

Khadi leafveda lavender soap is the best ayurvedic soap enriched with natural herbs and essential oils. It helps to cleanse the skin. It contains Chandan, lavender oil etc which gives a nourishing effect on your body.

32)Khadi leafveda lemon soap

Lemon has many health benefits which keeps your skin always looking fresh and radiant. Khadi LeafVeda lemon soap is made from pure essential oils of Indian Lemon with 100% natural ingredients, free from any chemicals or preservatives that can harm the skin in any way. This Ayurvedic Soap helps to retain moisture on the skin while cleansing it thoroughly. It rinses away dirt, excess oil & impurities leaving behind a refreshingly fragrant sensation. The natural goodness of this product gives you clean, soft skin that glows all day long.

33)LeafVeda Ashokarishta 

LeafVeda Ashokarishta is an Ayurvedic medicine made from pure herbs used as nutraceutical food supplement which helps in maintaining the overall health of the body by preventing various lifestyle diseases like Diabetes and others such as hypertension, heart disease, etc., along with improving immunity against flu viruses naturally. This product also enhances strength & energy levels without causing harmful side effects on body organs due to its safe usage for the last 30 years even during pregnancy.

34)LeafVeda Neem Shampoo 

LeafVeda Neem Shampoo is a natural product made from pure herbs enriched with extracts of neem leaves and flowers along with other ingredients to protect hair against dandruff, lice, dryness, etc., while also providing nourishment & shining effect on hairs naturally without causing any allergy or side effects. It is suitable for both adults as well as children above the age of 12 years only after consulting a doctor's advice since it contains usage instructions mentioned in the LeafVeda website.

35)LeafVeda Churna Powder

LeafVeda Churna Powder is an Ayurvedic medicine containing three types of herbal powders (Amalaki, Haritaki & Bibhitaki) that helps in managing various health problems like constipation due to its laxative effect and improves digestion without causing side effects. It also helps in maintaining healthy teeth, gums & jaw as well as reduces joint pain due to its antioxidant properties.

36)LeafVeda Capsules for Weight Loss

These capsules are made from extracts of pure herbs enriched with minerals that help you lose weight naturally while improving your digestive system along with overall health of the body by giving strength to the muscles thus reducing strain on bones & joints helping you lead a happy life free from chronic diseases like Diabetes etc., which is difficult even after doing regular exercises or following strict diet regimens.  

37)LeafVeda Tablets

The tablets contain herbal powders (Amalaki, Haritaki & Bibhitaki) mixed with other ingredients that help in providing relief from indigestion and other digestive problems along with maintaining healthy teeth & gums, joints & muscles as well as reducing joint pain. It also enhances your overall health by improving immunity against flu viruses naturally without causing harmful side effects on body organs.

Conclusion paragraph: LeafVeda aims to provide people with the best Ayurvedic medicine and products at a price they can afford. The company has been in business for over 20 years, which shows that its commitment to quality is unwavering. In order to do this, they employ an expert team of doctors from India who specialize in different types of treatments. These qualified professionals are able to offer individualized care based on your needs and medical history. This means you’ll always receive top-quality service and treatment when purchasing one of their products online or by phone call 24/7. If you want more information about what LeafVeda offers, take a look at our blog post now.