Hand-picked from the secrets of time-tested botanical ingredients that have evolved from pure science and scripted in many ancient texts across the world. Crafted from years of meticulous research, Johara is a brand so scientifically driven, the result can only be beauty that is pure and real.
Johara or 'jewel' in Arabic is created on the premise that just like jewelry adorns your natural beauty, the Johara range of products are devoted to beauty and elegance, in both appearance and spirit. All the products are dermatologist tested non-irritating and non-sensitizing, just as nature intended.

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Johara Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Spf 30

Rs.451 Rs.475
5% off

Johara Whitening Cleanser

Rs.570 Rs.600
5% off

Johara Whitening Dark Spot Corrector

Rs.713 Rs.750
5% off

Johara Whitening Day Lotion With Spf 20

Rs.855 Rs.900
5% off

Johara Whitening Essence

Rs.1,140 Rs.1,200
5% off

Johara Whitening Mask

Rs.428 Rs.450
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