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Dabur - Buy Best in Quality Dabur Products Online

Summary:- Do you suffer from chronic pain? Do you have a condition that is not responding to Western medicine? If so, then this blog post will be perfect for helping you find the right Ayurvedic Medicine and Products. Dabur has been in business since 1886 and they are highly respected in their industry. They offer a wide range of traditional herbal medicines that can help with various conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, kidney stones, asthma, allergies or even if your baby is teething. This post includes the best products by Dabur which are available online at ayurvedamegastore at discounted prices with fast shipping.

About Dabur Ayurvedic Company

The 132-year-old ayurvedic company, promoted by the Burman family, started operating in 1884 as an Ayurvedic medicines company. From its humble beginnings in the bylanes of Calcutta, Dabur India Ltd has come a long way today to become one of the biggest Indian-owned consumer goods companies with the largest herbal and natural product portfolio in the world. Dabur India is also a world leader in Ayurveda with a portfolio of over 250 Herbal/Ayurvedic products. Dabur's FMCG portfolio today includes five flagship brands with distinct brand identities -- Dabur as the master brand for natural healthcare products, Vatika for premium personal care, Hajmola for digestives, Réal for fruit juices and beverages and Fem for fairness bleaches and skincare products.

Ayurvedic remedies have been popular for decades due to their natural solution and lack of side effects. This helps several individuals trust and consume the products that will yield the best results for their overall health. Dabur ayurvedic products have been serving individuals across the world for several years now. Dabur has improved its quality and service to the consumers in an appreciable manner over these years. The most recommended Dabur products online include Dabur Swarna Bhasma, Dabur Yogendra Ras Gold, Dabur Vasant Kusumakar Ras Gold, Dabur Jaimangal Ras Gold, and Dabur Siddha Makardhwaj Special. 

Dabur Swarna Bhasma is one of the popular ayurvedic products that is consumed regularly. It helps improve overall muscle strength. It also heals in treating diseases such as muscular dystrophy. If an individual is facing low appetite issues, then the regular consumption of this product will see the desired results. Significant improvement is experienced over time, especially in stamina and energy levels. Dabur Yogendra Ras Gold is known to cure several health issues. This includes diabetes, disorders related to fistula, epilepsy, psychotic conditions, and paralysis.

It is also known as a natural aphrodisiac and boosts the strength of nerves and muscles. One of the surprising benefits of this ayurvedic medicine is that it works as a catalyst with certain other medications. Dabur Vasant Kusumakar Ras Gold and Pearl offers excellent results for reviving the youth ness in an individual. It also helps in improving concentration, skin complexion, and immunity. So, if an individual is looking for Dabur products providing the desired results, this product is ideal. Thus, Dabur products online are highly beneficial for individuals who want to opt for the best products without suffering from the side effects and adverse reactions.

List of Top Dabur Ayurvedic Medicine to Buy Online in India

Dabur is an Indian multinational company that specializes in Ayurvedic medicine and personal care products. The Dabur Group was founded by S.K. Burman on July 19, 1884. In addition to its flagship product Dabur Red Tooth Powder, the brand is well known for other products such as Vatika Hair Oil or Saundarya Soap which were some of the first brands launched under P&G's umbrella (formerly Hindustan Unilever Limited). As one of India’s leading companies with operations across 35 countries worldwide and over 100 years of rich heritage in India. Dabur has been at the forefront of developing new natural health solutions using modern technology including value-added initiatives through herb based products. Dabur is a market leader in the Ayurvedic medicines industry and has more than 40% share of this sector, with its brand Dabur Chyawanprash as one of the most trusted health supplements across India.

Dabur Ayurvedic is a world-renowned Ayurvedic Wellness Company. It has been around for 125 years and is India's largest manufacturer of traditional medicines, including the famous Dabur Chyawanprash. This list showcases the top ten best products from Dabur to buy online in India at low prices along with deals and discounts.

Dabur India manufactures more than 750 products in Ayurvedic, Herbal and Homeopathic categories for healthcare of body, mind and well-being. It was one among the first Indian companies to go global by setting up a subsidiary company in Dubai (Dabur Middle East) in 1989 followed by Singapore (Dabur International South Asia), Thailand (Dabur Thailand), Mauritius (Dabur Overseas Ltd). The Company has its registered office at Gurgaon Haryana where it also operates two manufacturing units that produce quality ayurvedic medicines with international standards which are exported to over 70 countries across world including UK, Canada etc.

1)Dabur amritarishta

It is an ayurvedic medicine that is used to build immunity and strength. Dabur Amritarishta is used for cough, cold, skin diseases & infections, weak immune system etc. It can be used for children above one year of age as well during winters or other seasons when their health condition degrades. In addition, it also serves a great home remedy in diarrhea cases without any side effects unlike antacids which have many adverse reactions on the stomach lining.

2)Dabur arvindasava

Dabur Arvindasava is an ayurvedic medicine and one of the best Dabur products. It helps in treating obesity, cough, respiratory tract infections, urinary system diseases etc. Arvindasava contains Triphala as its main ingredient which provides strength to body tissues and promotes health.

Other ingredients include: Madhuyashti (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Vishang bhasma-visham pratim aahar, Vata kreeda rasa (Acacia catechu), Jiraka moola ghrita etc., This ayurvedic medication also has ghee for lubrication purposes which ensures smooth passage of food through gastrointestinal tracts thereby preventing constipation.

3)Dabur ashokarishta

Dabur ashokarishta is a herbal tonic that nourishes and strengthens the bones, muscles & nervous system. This product soothes itching skin conditions such as prickly heat rash, eczema etc., It also helps to improve appetite in children with nutritional deficiencies. Dabur ashokarishta prevents bleeding gums during pregnancy.

4)Dabur ashwagandharishta

This Dabur ashwagandharishta is an Ayurvedic medicine which can help in relieving stress. It boosts immunity and enhances your energy levels as well. This Dabur medicine also helps to improve memory power, cools down body temperature and reduces irritation due to fever.

5)Dabur balarishta

Dabur Balarishta is a herbal medicine that cures acute constipation. It also helps in curing piles, dysentery and diarrhea. 

6)Dabur Chyawanprash

Buy Dabur Chyawanprash from the leading Ayurvedic medicine product manufacturer, India's most trusted for more than 100 years. It is a natural source of Vitamin C that keeps hair healthy and shining while also working as a perfect home remedy to prevent dandruff by controlling its formation on scalp skin cells with regular application over time.

8)Dabur Honey Enriched Soap Bar

Honey enriched soap bars are made with the goodness of pure honey which makes it an ideal beauty care gift for women in your life along with its amazing nourishing and moisturizing properties.

9)Dabur Gulabari Rose Water

Buy Dabur Gulabari Rose water online at the best price along with deals, discounts and offers from top Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers.

10)Dabur Shilajit ES

Buy Dabur Shilajit ES product which is an extrusion of natural minerals that have been compressed for millions of years under high temperature & pressure.

11)Dabur Arishta (Bottle)

A unique formulation using Ashoka Tree sap combined with other herbs to provide instant relief from cough, common cold & fever symptoms within minutes after intake as a syrup/tonic or take it by adding.

12)Dabur dashmularishta

It is an ayurvedic medicine manufactured from the extracts of dashamoola or ten roots. It is used in treatments for general debility, exhaustion, nervous weakness and mental diseases due to vata aggravation etc.

Dashmularishta helps to build immunity as it contains extract of various herbs which have medicinal properties like Tulsi (holy basil), Guduchi (Indian tinospora), Kaunch beej (Mucuna pruriens), Ashwagandha, Shatavari – Indian aloe vera. 

The Dabur Dashamularishta provides nourishment to all body tissues and improves tissue strength. This herbal tonic boosts the immune system by helping the body fight against infections. Dashmularishta is available in the form of liquid and dry preparation for oral consumption, it can be taken with water or as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor. 

Its dosage varies from patient to patient depending on their age, body weight etc. For children below 15 years 0.125 ml per kg of kid’s weight twice daily before food should be given; 20 – 40 year old 500-1000 mg once a day after lunch (with milk) & 50 -60+ years 1000mg twice daily with water after meal. It has an earthy taste so few patients may not like its flavor but tolerating this medicine helps you improve your health condition and live a healthy lifestyle because Dabur Dashamularishta is a complete herbal tonic so it balances the three doshas in your body.

Dabur Dashamularishta Benefits

Dabur dashmularishta benefits are wide ranging from improving immunity to treating various diseases like fever, cough, cold etc. It helps to improve memory & intelligence and gives vitality and strength to the entire body system. It keeps blood pressure under control by reducing water retention; this medicine has diuretic properties that help you get rid of excess fluid weight which causes bloating. Also, it promotes healthy digestive function as well as supports normal heart rhythm hence reduces stress on many systems of the human body such as the nervous system, skeletal muscles.

13)Dabur draksharishta

14)Dabur drakshasava

Dabur drakshasava syrup is a very good syrup with immense health benefits. It can be used in the treatment of respiratory tract ailments especially those that are caused by allergies and asthma. Its expectorant property helps expel phlegm from bronchial tubes making it easier to breathe through the nose, mouth or lungs.

15)Dabur kanakasava

Dabur kanakasava syrup is an excellent herbal product that helps to reduce hair fall. It is made of natural herbs and also very safe for daily use by anyone. The Dabur kanakasava syrup contains extracts of Amalaki, Shudha beej, Gokshura has been found beneficial in the treatment of alopecia or loss/thinning of hair which may be due to various reasons such as ill-health (vitamin deficiency) or genetic factors & stress etc. Kanaka means gold - this herb gives golden glow on skin when taken regularly. This medicine acts as a tonic for scalp & strengthens roots too.

16)Dabur kumaryasava

Kumaryasava concentrate is the best Dabur product for hair removal. It's a general tonic and rejuvenator, which helps to get rid of dandruffs. Kumaryasava has excellent moisturizing properties due to the presence of karikarak bhasma (potassium sulfate) in it. In addition, this medicine also improves the immunity power of your body by producing red blood cells and antibodies helping you fight against diseases like cold, cough etc. 

17)Dabur kutjarishta

It is used in diarrhea. It is also indicated in dysentery, cholera and gastroenteritis.

18)Dabur lauhasava

Dabur Lauhasava is a natural purgative with gentle action, and helps to keep the digestive system free of impurities. It also promotes bowel movements without irritating the colon or causing griping pains.

19)Dabur restora

Dabur restora herbal paste is very good for stomach problems. It helps in digestion, indigestion and to treat diarrhoea. It has a soothing effect on the intestines and also reduces vomiting sensation. This medicine can be used by adults as well as children above two years of age. Dabur restor-A Herbal Paste comes with pure herbs extracts like haritaki (Terminalia chebula), amla (Emblica officinalis) & elaichi or badi elachi(Piper longum). All these three ingredients are helpful in treating different digestive disorders such as flatulence, dyspepsia etc., this product assists you to feeling hungry even after taking light meals. It is a great natural source of iron and helps in curing anaemia, lack of appetite & weakness too.

Dabur restora herbal paste can be bought from any Dabur retail store or you can also buy it online easily on various e-commerce websites like Amazon, Naaptol etc., at very reasonable price along with discounts and cash back offers. So what are you waiting for? Buy the best ayurvedic medicine to treat your stomach problems right away.

20)Dabur saraswatarishta

An effective herbal formulation for oral hygiene. The soothing effect of saraswatarishta reduces inflammation of the gums and mouth ulcers, thus promoting good overall health of teeth. It is an instant relief from bad breath due to its antibacterial properties which help in reducing bacteria like streptococcus mutans responsible for causing halitosis (bad breath). It also prevents tooth decay by regular consumption. 

21)Dabur Sandhan vati

A rejuvenating ayurvedic medicine that helps cleanse toxins from Liver & Kidneys. Agnimandya, Amlapitta, Kustha are few known symptoms treated with sandan Vati. It effectively boosts the body's immune system and enhances overall well being. Dabur Sandhan Vati is recommended for Migraine, Jaundice, Urinary Tract Infection & Acne.

22)Dabur sarivadhyasava

This is a herbal tonic for oral care which has been formulated with the combination of sarivadhyasava, bibhitakadi choorna etc. It helps in maintaining gums and teeth healthy by removing harmful bacteria from the stomach which causes mouth odor.

23)Dabur vidangarishta

Dabur Vidangarisht is the best traditional Ayurvedic medicine to treat digestive problems caused due to indigestion, acidity or nausea etc. It contains natural ingredients like amla, majuphal (extract of beleric myrobalan) and shisa bhasma which are scientifically proven to show positive effects on your body when consumed regularly. The product also helps in improving metabolism rates naturally without adding up any side-effects in one's health condition making it an effective option among people who're looking forward towards a healthy lifestyle with no extra efforts. It is easily available online and can be ordered in a few clicks.

24)Dabur agastya haritaki avaleha

This herbal medicine from Dabur is for stomach disorders such as vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain and acidity. It contains the extracts of Terminalia chebula fruit (haritaki), Terminalia bellirica bark (beleric myrobalan), Emblica officinalis fruit pulp (amla). The recommended dosage of this ayurvedic product in an adult is one tablet twice a day or as directed by an Ayurvedic Doctor.

25)Dabur ashwagandhadi lehya

This Dabur ashwagandhadi lehya churna is a good choice to treat your stress, anxiety and tension. It reduces the feeling of nervousness which helps you relax in stressful circumstances. This Dabur medicine also relieves you from physical fatigue and boosts up immunity naturally.

26)Dabur brahma rasayan nagkesar

Dabur brahma rasayan nagkesar is a popular Ayurvedic medicine in the Indian subcontinent. It contains Brahmi, Haritaki, Amalaki and many other herbs that are known for their memory enhancing effects on a long term basis. The preparation has been scientifically tested with positive results in improving mental concentration by almost 20%. This product is manufactured from natural ingredients only without any chemical or preservative content making it safe to use even on a regular basis.

27)Dabur chitrak haritaki

Dabur Chitrak Haritaki Capsules are a form of Ayurvedic medicine, which is used for treating piles and fissures. These capsules contain chitraka bhasma or processed black antimony sulphide as an active ingredient along with harad fruit (chirata) powder and Indian wild plum.

28)Dabur drakshavaleha saffron

Dabur drakshavaleha saffron drink tonic is a popular Ayurveda product from the house of Dabur. This Indian medicine is used to cure common health problems like cough, cold, acidity etc. It contains natural ingredients which are beneficial for your body’s health. To know more about this herbal syrup read on the blog post till the end.

29)Dabur haridra khand vrihat

Dabur haridra khand vrihat is a powerful antioxidant. It helps to strengthen your immune system and protect against environmental toxins that make you sick. It is an effective homeopathic medicine for skin allergies like urticaria (hives). It reduces inflammation of the eyes due to many diseases such as conjunctivitis or styes on eyelids and also protects from infections by acting as an antibacterial agent.

30)Dabur kantkaryavaleha

Dabur Kantkaryavaleha is a natural and ayurvedic medicine which provides relief from common cold, cough and fever. It has no side effects. The ingredients used in Dabur kantkaryavaleha are amla (Indian gooseberry), tulsi, tejpatra/candle wood stick, elaichi/cardamom etc.

31)Dabur laghu musali pak

Dabur laghu musali pak medicine is anti-inflammatory and used for the treatment of rheumatism. It contains ingredients like terminalia belerica, zingiber offcinalis (hinga), glycyrrhiza glabra (mulethi) etc which are helpful in treating arthritis, muscular pain and swelling.

32)Dabur laghu supari pak

Buy Dabur laghu supari pak online at the best price in India. Dabur's "laghu supari pak" is a medicine for oral care which comes with the goodness of neem and tulsi extracts, that helps maintain healthy gums.

33)Dabur vasavaleha

This Dabur Vasavaleha is the best medicine for Cough and Cold. Soothes irritated throat, rejuvenates lungs, reduces fever quickly & soothes cough. It contains natural anti-inflammatory agents which help in relieving cold symptoms like cough, headache and body ache.

34)Dabur abhrak bhasma

Dabur Abhrak Bhasma is used in the treatment of chronic constipation and piles. It helps to reduce body weight and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

35)Dabur banga bhasma

It is a well-known medicine for the treatment of bone diseases. Dabur banga bhasma is made up of the combination of calcium phosphate and zinc oxide which has an excellent role in strengthening bones, joint pains and also treats arthritis.

36)Dabur harital godanti bhasma

Dabur harital godanti bhasma (500mg) is an ayurvedic product used as a rejuvenator. It is useful in treating general debility, loss of appetite and digestive disorders such as indigestion, constipation etc. It has been formulated with a variety of herbs and minerals that strengthen the body. Dabur harital godanti bhasma is the most popular Ayurvedic medicine, which has been used to treat various diseases for generations now.

37)Dabur heerak bhasma

This is a combination of iron and sulfur. Dabur heerak bhasma helps in treating anemia, night blindness and other health issues related to the liver or spleen. It also treats reproductive disorders such as leucorrhoea (white discharge), uterine bleeding and menopausal problems.

38)Dabur lauh bhasma

It is used for piles and constipation. Dabur lauh bhasma is also very useful in the treatment of obesity.

39)Dabur mukta moti bhasma

Dabur Mukta Moti Bhasma is a bhasma that contains natural pearl powder and minerals. It helps to enhance the beauty of your skin. It is one of the best Dabur products to buy online in India.

40)Dabur muktashukti bhasma motiseep powder

Muktashukti bhasma moti seep is a well known Ayurvedic medicine which helps in the treatment of diabetes. It works by increasing insulin secretion and has anti-hyperglycemic activity. The Dabur muktashukti bhasma motiseep powder (100 g) comes with a 30 days money back guarantee from Amazon India.

41)Dabur rajat bhasma

42)Dabur shankh bhasma

43)Dabur swarnamakshik bhasma

44)Dabur ablari

45)Dabur active antacid

46)Dabur broncorid

47)Dabur amritarishta

48)Dabur arvindasava

49)Dabur ashokarishta

50)Dabur ashwagandharishta

51)Dabur balarishta

52)Dabur chandanasava

53)Dabur dashmularishta

54)Dabur draksharishta

55)Dabur drakshasava

56)Dabur kanakasava

57)Dabur kumaryasava

58)Dabur kutjarishta

59)Dabur lauhasava

60)Dabur restora

61)Dabur saraswatarishta

62)Dabur sarivadhyasava

63)Dabur vidangarishta

64)Dabur agastya haritaki avaleha

65)Dabur ashwagandhadi lehya

66)Dabur brahma rasayn nagkesar

67)Dabur chitrak haritaki

68)Dabur drakshavaleha saffron

69)Dabur haridra khand vrihat

70)Dabur kantkaryavaleha

71)Dabur laghu musali pak

72)Dabur laghu supari pak

73)Dabur vasavaleha

74)Dabur abhrak bhasma

75)Dabur banga bhasma

76)Dabur harital godanti bhasma

77)Dabur heerak bhasma

78)Dabur lauh bhasma

79)Dabur mukta moti bhasma

80)Dabur muktashukti bhasma motiseep

81)Dabur rajat bhasma

82)Dabur shankh bhasma

83)Dabur swarnamakshik bhasma

84)Dabur ablari

85)Dabur active antacid

86)Dabur broncorid

87)Dabur camne vid

88)Dabur gastrina

89)Dabur hepano tablets

90)Dabur hepano syrup

91)Dabur imudab syrup

92)Dabur laxirid tablet

93)Dabur laxirid syrup

94)Dabur lipstat

95)Dabur new rheumatil tablet

96)Dabur pilochek gel

97)Dabur pilochek tablet

98)Dabur rheumatil gel

99)Dabur rheumatil oil

100)Dabur shwaasamrit

101)Dabur vyoshadi vati

102)Dabur stimulex capsules

103)Dabur stondab tablet

104)Dabur stondab syrup

105)Dabur stresscom

106)Dabur trifgol granules

107)Dabur maha sudarshana churna

108)Dabur ashwagandha churna

109)Dabur avipattikar churna

110)Dabur chopchinyadi churna

111)Dabur dhatupaushtik churna

112)Dabur hingwastak churna

113)Dabur lavan bhaskar churna

114)Dabur panchsakar churna

115)Dabur pushyanug churna

116)Dabur shatawaryadi churna

117)Dabur shivakshar pachan churna

118)Dabur sitopaladi churna

119)Dabur talisadi churna