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Sri Sri Tattva - Buy Best in Quality Sri Sri Tattva Products Online

Summary:- The Sri Sri Tattva company is one of the most reputable manufacturers in India for Ayurvedic products. They have been providing quality healthcare solutions for over 30 years, exporting all over the world. Their products are made from pure ingredients and offer holistic healing to individuals. This blog post will take a look at their best-selling product lines of Sri Sri Tattva online so you can decide which ones are right for you.

List of Top Rated Sri Sri Tattva Ayurvedic Medicine and Products to Buy Online in India

Sri Sri Tattva ayurvedic medicines manufactured by Shri Sri Ayurveda are not like regular ayurvedic herbs sold in the market. The reasons being that they manufacture their products using some high quality ingredients and have a strict standard of quality control at each stage of production. Their products are 100% organic, pure, fresh and of superior quality. Each product is accompanied with clinical research reports to give you the best results without any side effects. This company has more than 300 OTC (over-the-counter) products offered under various categories such as Digestive System, Cardiovascular & Circulatory Disorders, Respiratory System, Skin Care and Hair Care etc along with some important medicinal items. They also offer home care therapy for beauty, personal hygiene and well-being. Sri Sri Tattva ayurvedic medicines are available in different forms such as Capsules Herbal Tea, Powders, Syrups and Vati. The complete range is supplemented by a series of Personal Care products like Skin Care Soaps Toothpaste, Bathing Accessories etc. Also, they have launched some new health supplements like Drishti Eye Drops, Swasthi Kanti Hair Oil, Sowbhagya Vimuktaje Hair Oil etc that help to maintain your hair and skin intact without any side effects. They offer free international shipping on all their products with secure online payment options. You can buy Sri Sri Tattva Products Online here at best prices.

Sri Sri Tattva Ayurvedic Medicine Products Reviewed Below:

1)Sri Sri Urocare Hair Cleanser and Care Shampoo for Men and Women

This is a non-foaming herbal shampoo that provides complete care to your hair from root to tip, nourishes and stimulates the scalp with freshness. It contains extracts of Jatamamsi Neelotpala, Amalaki Haritaki, Usheera Swarasa & Prabhaka Swarasa. Use this therapeutic shampoo when you wash your hair and experience an immediate soothing effect on the nerves as it gently cleanses the dirt, pollutants, greasiness and sebum from deep inside. The therapeutic properties present in the Sri Sri Tattva Urocare Hair Cleanser & Care Shampoo renews the natural health of your hair.

2)Sri Sri Tattva Kapha Herbal Eye Drops for Asthma, Styes, Allergy & Redness

This oil-free herbal eye drop lubricates the eyes with moisturizing effect without affecting vision power and is helpful in removing dust and other allergens from the surface of the eyes. It contains extracts of Moti Bhasma , Sugandhika Swarasa Ashwagandha, Vacha Aloevera , Yashti Madhu etc that soothe dryness around the eyelids, reduce itching sensation reducing swelling and redness. Use this product to provide relief from burning, irritation and itching in and around the eyes.

3)Sri Sri Tattva Acne-V Scar Cream & Oily Skin Face Pack

This is a herbal skincare product for oily skin that helps you to get rid of acne with regular use along with reducing scars, blemishes and dark spots. It may be used as an acne treatment cream or anti-aging cream. This herbal face pack moisturizes your skin while removing dirt, excess oil from the surface. It contains extracts of Vacha Sarsaparilla, Haritaki Amalaki, Triphala Guggul, Chandana etc. The best thing about this Ayurvedic Acne Scar Cream Oily Skin Face Pack is that it has no side effects on your skin.

4)Sri Sri Tattva Guhyakalyash Skincare Set (3 Products) For Oily Skin

Guhyakalya Shampoo & Soap: This is a herbal hair cleanser that helps you maintain your natural pH balance of the scalp while promoting lustrous and beautiful hair growth. It reduces dandruff, itching sensation, maintains pH and prevents premature graying without any side effects. Use this shampoo regularly to get rid of all types of impurities along with providing nourishment to your roots and stimulating the roots for better hair growth.

5)Sri Sri tattva almond and honey soap

This Sri Sri Tattva Almond and Honey Soap is a natural soap made of pure honey, almond oil, glycerin, olive oil, coconut oil and rose petals. It contains the goodness of almonds that makes it great for nourishing your skin. The soap is moisturizing and gentle on both your skin and senses with its lovely fragrance. The honey present in the soap has antibacterial properties that help prevent infections. This bar also detoxifies your body by removing all dirt, toxins from your pores when used regularly.

6)Sri Sri tattva almond oil veg capsule

Sri Sri Tattva Almond Oil Veg Capsules is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine. The capsules are paracetamol free and useful for pain, fever and cold. It has been reported to cause no side effects in the clinical studies conducted on it.

Regular use of the capsules help you prevent weakness and stress related disorders like nervous exhaustion, mental fatigue etc. 9 out of 10 people wish it was part of their daily diet .

Almond oil contains a high concentration of Oleic acid which helps in cell regeneration. It's anti-aging properties remove wrinkles thus reducing marks caused by pimples, acne or chicken pox scars etc; besides preventing premature aging due to its ability to keep skin cells healthy.

7)Sri Sri tattva aloe vera juice 

Aloe Vera has been used in treating different skin conditions and other health problems since ancient times. The rise of research on aloe vera benefits is due to the fact that a number of people are suffering from different diseases everyday. Although Aloe Vera is considered as a universal healer for curing different diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, ulcerative colitis etc., it's also useful for the treatment of skin problems such as acne, psoriasis etc.

One should be very careful while using Aloe Vera because an overdose can cause adverse reactions. One must consult a physician before going for Sri Sri Tattva Aloe Vera Juice Benefits. Here we have enlisted some of the proven benefits of Sri Sri Tattva Aloe Vera Juice.

- Sri Sri Tattva Aloe vera juice uses -

- It has a cooling effect on the skin and controls acne and pimples.

- Regular intake of this natural drink can help in curing digestive problems like constipation, ulcerative colitis etc.  

- This wonderful beverage is used to add taste to food items. It helps people who suffer from acidity problems as it neutralizes the excess stomach acid and provides relief. The antioxidants present in aloe vera juice boost the immunity system of the body and fights against cancer-causing cells.

Amount: 1 spoon with one glass of water or milk at night for 2 months regularly, you will notice an improvement in your health.

8)Sri Sri tattva aloe vera triphala juice

This is one of the best Sri Sri tattva products to buy online in India because it has aloe vera which is a very good skin and health product. It has triphala which is a good health product. The aloe vera and triphala are combined with some other ayurvedic herbs to make Sri Sri tattva aloe vera triphala juice very effective for your body.

9)Sri Sri tattva aloe vera vit e cream

Sri Sri tattva aloe vera vit e cream is made of aloe vera and vitamin E which are terrific for the skin. Aloe vera has antibiotic and antifungal properties while Vitamin E is known to reduce acne scars and blemishes, clear complexion as well as fight wrinkles. The best thing about this cream is that it does not clog pores. If any one has acne or pimple prone skin then it becomes difficult to apply any beauty product on the face but this cream will surely serve the purpose.

10)Sri Sri tattva amla candy

Sri Sri Tattva Amla Candy benefits hair growth, strengthens the roots of hair. It is traditionally used for treating children's weakness. This tasty candy provides necessary nourishment and energy to your body & mind.


-Amla fruit 2g (Phyllanthus emblica)

-Jwar bhasma .25g (Calcium hydroxide)

-Cinnamomum tamala bark 1.75g (Cinnamomum tamala)

-Elettaria cardamomum seed 0.25g (Elletaria cardamomum)

-Zingiber officinale rhome 1g (Z)

11)Sri Sri tattva amla candy mango flavoured

Sri Sri Tattva Amla Candy (mango flavoured) is a sugar-free product. It contains 100% natural ingredients like amla, mango, jaggery (gur) and spices. This combination of naturally sweet ingredients makes for a low-calorie treat that can be consumed any time to give energy and rejuvenate the body.

12)Sri Sri tattva amla candy paan flavoured

These tasty paan candies are a blend of naturally sweet herbs and fruits with the goodness of amla.  It is ideal for those looking to take care of their dental health and maintain healthy gums. It is one of Ayurveda's oldest natural dental products. The Sri Sri paan candies come in a pack of two, each containing 0.64 ounces or 18 grams of the product.

13)Sri Sri tattva amla juice 

Amla is considered as a wonder fruit in Ayurvedic medicine. It has been used for the treatment of various diseases since time immemorial. Sri Sri Tattva Amla juice helps in strengthening the immune system and thus prevents cold, cough, fever etc. Amla juice is very rich in Vitamin C and helps in effectively preventing scurvy.

14)Sri Sri tattva amla tablet

Tamarind is well known for its medicinal and nutritional values. Sri Sri Tattva amla tablet is helpful in maintaining the acid-alkaline balance that helps to neutralize toxins generated from an unhygienic lifestyle.

15)Sri Sri tattva amlapittari vati

Sri Sri tattva Amla pittari vati is beneficial in curing stomatitis and chronic gingivitis. Fluoride content present in amla pittar acts upon the dental plaque that causes tooth decay. It also exhibits antibacterial action against aero-organisms that cause dental caries. Amlapittar cleanses the blood and improves general immunity, which helps to prevent loss of teeth due to systemic infections like tuberculosis, septicemia etc.

16)Sri Sri tattva amrutadi vati

Sri Sri Tattva Amrutadi Vati is a Herbal Supplement. It provides proven relief from symptoms related to Cough and Cold, Bronchitis, Tightness in the Chest, Asthma, Hoarseness of Voice and Common Cold.

17)Sri Sri tattva amruth tablet

Sri Sri Tattva Amruth Tablet is a sweet and sour "mixture" which offers the maximum taste ever. The medicine has all the benefits of honey, sugar and tender coconut water blended together. It is extremely delicious as well as healthy at the same time.

18)Sri Sri tattva ancho lean

Ancho lean tablet is one of the best ayurvedic medicines for weight loss. This harmless herbal product helps to reduce body fat naturally without any side effects. There are no harmful chemicals or steroids present in this product. Moreover, ancho lean tablets do not have any ill effects related to sex life or nervous system as well. The manufacturer recommends that one should continue taking these tablets for at least three months to achieve desired results in weight loss.

Sri Sri Ayurveda provides its customers with 100% money back guarantee on every purchase of ancho lean tablet package if they don't show desired results within a 3 months period.

19)Sri Sri tattva anti acne gel

It is an Ayurvedic product used to treat acne and pimple problems. It is very effective in treating severe acne and pimples problems on the face, back, neck etc. The key benefits of this product are that it is made using completely natural ingredients with no side effects. It is 100% non-greasy and does not cause any staining of clothes. The product comes in tube packaging which makes it very easy to apply the gel on the face.

20)Sri Sri tattva anti dandruff lotion

This medicated lotion is very effective in controlling dandruff and itching of the scalp. This greasy, oily remedy is most effective when applied overnight to the scalp and washed off the next day. Sri Sri tattva anti dandruff lotion is an excellent hair tonic for nourishing the roots of hair and improving the overall health of your hair.

21)Sri Sri tattva anti dandruff shampoo

Sri Sri Tattva Anti Dandruff Shampoo is an ayurvedic product. It is completely herbal, and no side effects are known as yet. It helps in preventing dandruff and hair fall. This shampoo has the goodness of herbs like brahmi, shikakai, amla etc which help to keep your scalp clean and healthy. It is best for treating dandruff. Besides stopping itchiness, it also controls formation of flakes on the scalp by getting rid of impurities. This dandruff shampoo contains no chemicals or harmful substances that can affect your hair negatively in any way.

Sri Sri Tattva Anti Dandruff Shampoo is made from 100% natural ingredients with no chemicals that can damage your hair over time. This herbal anti-dandruff shampoo will give you effective results without affecting your hair's texture or causing any side effects or allergies.

22)Sri Sri tattva anti acne face wash

Sri Sri Tattva Anti Acne Face Wash is a herbal facial cleanser that treats acne and pimples. It contains ingredients like tender neem leaves, lemon extracts from the lemon fruit, chamomile extracts from German chamomile flowers, aloe vera juice from the aloe plant's leaves and gurmar extracts from the guava tree.

23)Sri Sri tattva antiseptic soap

This antibacterial soap has been made using the ingredients that are used in Sri Sri Tattva medicines. This is one of the best products on offer from this company. The main ingredient in this product is neem oil and it prevents infections prevalent during winter times. Another important ingredient in this soap is haridra which helps to provide a healthier skin. It also acts as an antiseptic and provides protection against mosquito bites, fungal infections and rashes caused due to infected insect or rodent bites.

Sri Sri tattva antiseptic soap comes with other natural oils such as camphor, sandalwood oil, rosemary oil, haldi oil, lemongrass oil etc. together they give a cooling effect to the body while cleansing it thoroughly at the same time.

24)Sri Sri tattva anu taila

Pack size: 100 ml + 50 ml refill

Key ingredients & benefits: Sesame oil, Musta (Cyperus rotundus) tailam, Aloe vera tailam, Kumarika (Sapindus trifoliatus), Haridra (Curcuma longa) tailam.

This Sri Sri Tattva Ayurvedic Oil for hair benefits is what makes it so popular and special.

Suggested use: Take 2-3 drops of anu taila and massage gently onto the scalp with fingertips till oil is absorbed into the scalp. This should be done before Bath or Shower only.

Effect on Doshas: The natural ingredients present in Sri Sri tattva Anu Taila are bitter in taste and cooling in effect.

How it works: Haridra or Curcuma longa is used for its anti-inflammatory properties. Kumarika is a purifying herb, soothes itching and inflammation of the scalp due to dandruff. It helps remove excess oil from hair and reduces split ends. Aloe vera has antiseptic benefits and moisturizing properties while sesame oil prevents hair loss, nourishes the roots of your hair, slows graying process and baldness. The regular use of this oil gives you healthy & shining hair naturally.

25)Sri Sri tattva arjuna tablet

Arjun is an Indian medicinal plant and it is the best natural cure for your heart and blood circulation. Sri Sri Tattva Arjuna Tablet also contains 'Kalmegh' which helps in hypertension and cardiac pain.

Sri Sri tattva arjuna tablets benefits:

- It cures high blood pressure or Hypertensive crisis, cardiac pain, myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, angina pectoris, etc.

- Reduces cholesterol naturally and controls LDL (low-density lipoprotein) levels which protect the heart from atherosclerosis etc.

26)Sri Sri tattva ashwagandha tablet

It is used for weak memory, depression, mental stress and lack of concentration. This tablet provides energy to the body and mind. It improves stamina and strength. Sri Sri tattva ashwagandha tablet is used to enhance sexual power in males.

27)Sri Sri tattva ashwagandhadi tablet

Sri Sri Tattva Ashwagandhdhadi Tablets are used for the treatment of various ailments like bronchitis, blood impurities etc. It is free from side effects and can be consumed by all age groups.

28)Sri Sri tattva atisarahara vati Details & Price in India

In Ayurveda, the Sri Sri Tattva Atisara Hara Vati is one of the most important medicines for stomach ailments. This is a natural antiemetic that helps cure nausea and vomiting caused due to various factors like indigestion, gas disorders, food poisoning etc. The medicine reduces acidity from the stomach while improving digestion thereby calming an upset stomach. It is advisable to take this medicine with hot water or warm milk at night before going to bed. One can also use it after food or as directed by a physician. The medicine improves appetite and relieves constipation when taken regularly.

29)Sri Sri tattva avipattikara churna

It is also known as Sri Sri Ayurveda Avipattikara Churna. It contains Amalaki, Haritaki, Bibhitaki, Vibhitaki and Makardhwaja. It helps in the effective treatment of indigestion and acidity problems. It also works to detoxify the body from accumulated toxins like uric acid.

30)Sri Sri tattva bhringamlakadi taila

The Sri Sri Tattva Bhringamla Kadhi taila is an ayurvedic herbal oil for hair conditioning and nourishment (for thinning hair), to be massaged onto the scalp. According to Sri Sri Tattva, "Bhringamla kadhi taila is a very well-known treatment for dryness of scalp and dandruff." It has been proven in treating hepatopathy (diseases of the liver) and sugar diabetes.

31)Sri Sri tattva body butter

Sri Sri tattva body butter is a blend of ayurvedic ingredients which is useful for muscular aches and pains, back pain, joint pains. Other benefits:-

- Skin rejuvenation treatment, especially beneficial for dry skin

- Prevents ageing

- Reduces stretch marks and blemishes on the skin

- Removes scars on the skin due to a burn or acne etc.

32)Sri Sri tattva body oil taila

The oil is enriched with natural extracts of kapur kachari, seabuckthorn, Indian valerian and sandalwood. It soothes the body muscles and joints to reduce stiffness and relax tired limbs. Seabuckthorn rejuvenates your skin cells by penetrating deep into the layers and nourishing them from within. Sri Sri tattva body oil taila helps in reducing wrinkles, blemishes and dark circles around the eyes while giving you a fairer complexion all at once. The oil can be used for therapeutic massage on major muscle groups to boost blood flow and relieve pain from arthritis.

33)Sri Sri tattva brahma rasayana

34)Sri Sri tattva brahmi bhringaraj taila

Final Conclusion

Sri Sri Tattva offers a variety of products for all your needs. Whether you’re looking to improve digestive health, want relief from joint pain or are struggling with skin allergies, they offer natural solutions that work without side effects and at an affordable price. If you’ve been searching for the perfect product to solve any of these problems, check out the list of Top Sri Sri Tattva Ayurvedic Medicine and Products to Buy Online at Low Prices.  The company has been around since the year 2000, but they are no stranger to success in the world of herbal medicine. With a growing list of satisfied customers throughout India, Canada, the United States, Australia and Europe it is safe to say that their products have proven themselves time after time as being effective for many ailments. If you take your health seriously then don't hesitate any longer before ordering these top ten best quality products from this brand today.