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Kapiva A2 Desi Ghee

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Ghee - Buy Best in Quality Ghee Products Online

Organic ghee is considered very auspicious and sacred in India. It is used in many rituals and is also a part of our regular diet. It is widely used as a quality oil for cooking. It is also known for its healing qualities, medicinal and nutritional benefits. Hence we always look for the best quality organic ghee.


Following are some of the benefits of consuming organic on daily basis-

  • ·       Nutritious- Organic ghee is way richer in nutrients than the normal cooking oil. It includes antioxidants, butyric acid, fatty acids, vitamins, etc. It is also a major source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid and many more such healthy nutrients.
  • ·       High Smoking Point- It has a high smoking point as compared to the normal cooking oil. This allows you to cook your eatables in deep fry without the fear of any harmful radicals that are usually produced while using normal cooking oil.
  • ·       Free of lactose allergy- Though it is a milk product, it is best for lactose-intolerant people. Organic ghee is also free from any additives and preservatives.
  • ·       Natural Moisturizer- Including the organic ghee in your diet can help you in hydrating your body naturally. This results in maintaining a good stamina level.
  • ·       Increases Concentration Power- Organic ghee consumed on a regular basis can enhance your concentration and can also increase your memory power.
  • ·       Weight Loss- Organic ghee helps in losing weight as it takes some time to get digested completely. Thus making you conscious about your calorie intake and ultimately helping you in losing weight.
  • ·       It enhances hormonal balance and fertility
  • ·       It is very healthy for pregnant women

Organic ghee is made naturally from cow’s curd that is simmered over low heat.

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