5% off

Alarsin Siledin Tablet

Rs.119 Rs.125
7% off

Bacfo Strex-5M Capsules

Rs.223 Rs.240
5% off

Baidyanath Dimag Doshari Tab.

Rs.156 Rs.164
5% off

Baidyanath Dimag Paushtik Rasayan Tab.

Rs.164 Rs.173
12% off

Dhootapapeshwar Brahmi Vati Suvarnayukta Premium Quality Gold

Rs.942 Rs.1,071
5% off

Himalaya Mentat Tablets

Rs.90 Rs.95
5% off

Himalaya Stress Relief Massage Oil

Rs.124 Rs.130

J & J Dechane Nevoss Tablets


J & J Dechane Vitesson Tranquillizer Tablets

7% off

Kerala Ayurveda Saaraswatha Granules

Rs.395 Rs.425
10% off

Nagarjuna (Kerala) Brahma Rasayanam

Rs.122 Rs.135
5% off

Nagarjuna (Kerala) Brahmi Plus Smrithi

Rs.238 Rs.250
5% off

Organic India Ashwagandha Capsules

Rs.660 Rs.695
5% off

Organic India Brahmi Capsules

Rs.660 Rs.695

Pravek Memodin Tablet

6% off

Pravek Nervokalp Capsule

Rs.658 Rs.700
8% off

Sandu Stressan Tablets

Rs.442 Rs.480

SG Phytopharma Memorin Capsule


SG Phytopharma Palsinuron Capsule


Vasu Alert Capsule

7% off

Vasu Ranger Capsule

Rs.223 Rs.240
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