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Vadira Aloe Vera and Neem Face Wash

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Vadira Antacid Syrup

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Vadira Antipyretic Tablets

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Vadira Antiviral Tablet

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Vadira Appetizer Syrup

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Vadira Apple Mulberry Facewash

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Vadira Ayurvedic Liver Tonic


Vadira Blood Purify Syrup

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Vadira Brain Tablets

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Vadira Brain Tonic

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Vadira Charcoal Moisturizer

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Vadira Charcoal Serum

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Vadira Cold tablets

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Vadira Cough Syrup

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Vadira De-Pigmentation

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Vadira De-Pigmentation Papaya Moisturizer

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Vadira Diamond Serum

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Vadira Garlic Tablet

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Vadira Gold Serum

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Vadira Herbal Hair Growth Shampoo

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Vadira - Buy Best in Quality Vadira Products Online

Summary:- No one can deny the power of herbs and natural remedies. Vadira Ayuromedic takes this to a whole new level with their selection of Top 10+ best ayurvedic medicine and products for your holistic well-being. These items are designed to soothe, tone, balance, energize, detoxify and purify your body naturally. They also offer a variety of homeopathic medicines that will help you stay healthy during the cold season or any other time where your immune system needs support. Be sure to check out these amazing products on Ayurvedamegastore online pharmacy and get a lot of exciting deals and discounts.

About Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company

Vadira Ayuromedic is the ultimate panacea for your holistic growth in the realms of body and mind. We acknowledge your utmost ambition of staying disease-free and beaming with health and happiness. Vadira is a platform to enrich you with the mystical magic of Ayurveda. We are cognizant of the lack of awareness in maintaining optimum health and thus act as the means of achieving the same through divulging the secret lifestyle knowledge of Ayurveda with you. We confirm that you receive the best guidance through our Ayurvedic specialists and the best treatment via Ayurvedic medication.

List of Top Quality Vadira Ayuromedic Medicine and Products to Buy Online in India

Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company is leading the way in the field of ancient Indian health care, making its mark on modern day living. Their approach to healthcare is refreshingly simple - it's all about you feeling good, both inside and out.

The Vadira Buyers' Guide helps you pick what you need with ease. Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Products are formulated using the finest natural ingredients which are chosen for their rejuvenating properties to boost energy levels, boost immunity and support general well being.

Why choose Vadira Ayuromedic medicines?

Vadira products are made from premium quality 'Kashaya' herbs that have been subtly prepared to make them safe and effective - using a unique process you can trust. They also contain bee propolis, which is produced by bees from the sap of certain trees. Vadira Herbal Soaps are approved for use in Ayurveda Hospitals, while all other products have been developed with modern sensibilities in mind to suit your needs .

Vadira's Ayurvedic skin care range is a blend of Indian tradition and natural ingredients that deliver results without any harmful side effects on the skin, making it an ideal choice for beauty-conscious customers.

• 100% Natural ingredients sourced from trusted farms

• Proprietary processing methods that utilize low heat & gentle time

• Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners of Ayurveda

Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Medicine and Products

Vadira Ayurmedic offers the best quality of Vadiras. Here we will look at the Top Vadira Ayuromedic products to buy online in India.

1)Vadira aloe vera and neem face wash

Vadira aloe vera and neem face wash cream is a herbal face wash that cleanses your skin efficiently. It keeps your skin healthy, soft and clean from external dust particles. This is a 100% vegetable bar of soap made with pure extracts of Aloe Vera & Neem. It leaves the user's skin refreshed after every use. The fresh aroma of this product enhances the user's moods giving them a natural zest for life.

This healthcare product helps in recovering any internal disorder or disease by enhancing the overall immunity of the body. Amla fruit also plays an important role in purifying blood. This water based product is good for hair care. It helps to increase the body's natural immunity and gives hair a shine with regular use. The Vadiras neem shampoo manages dandruff effectively in addition to making the scalp healthy.

2)Vadira Antacid syrup

The Vadira Antacid is manufactured using the following ingredients. This Ayurvedic medicine contains garlic, black pepper, and pippali long pepper. Each 100 ml of this syrup contains 0.5 gm of each. It is beneficial for mental retardation and epilepsy in children, short term memory loss in adults. It also relieves stress and helps to improve concentration skills. Each 100 ml of this syrup contains 25 mg ashwagandha root extract; 5 mg mimosa pudica leaf extract; 15 mg erythrina flower extract; 3 mg calotropis gigantea leaf extract.

3)Vadira antipyretic tablets

Vadira antipyretic tablets are for fever. These tablets prevent the generation of heat In the human body and reduce fever. These contain Dhanyakataka bhasma, Trivrit bhasma, Utpala, Padmaka, Vatsanabha etc as ingredients. The dosage form is a compressed tablet made from a mixture of pure drug with excipients like Kavach beej etc. The colour of the tablet is light pink to brownish red.

4)Vadira antiarthritic capsules

Vadira antiarthritic capsules are useful in inflammatory joint conditions such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. They arrest progression of joint degeneration by arresting enzymatic activity of hyaluronidase. These capsules also inhibit proliferation of cells and secretion of interleukin-1,6,8. The dosage form is a capsule filled with pure drug powder or granules made from a mixture of pure drugs each equivalent to 400mgs Vrishya bhasma along with excipients like Kavach beej etc. The colour of the capsule is white to pale yellow.

5)Vadira antiasthmatic fluidextract

Vadira fluid extract is useful in respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma. It stimulates tone and motility of bronchi which facilitates easy expulsion of phlegm from airways. In allergic reactions suppresses histamine release by mast cells and reduces inflammation. The dosage form is a liquid filled with pure drug in suitable base like propylene glycol or vegetable oil along with excipients.

6)Vadira antiasthmatic syrup

Vadira antiasthmatic syrup is indicated in respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma. It stimulates tone and motility of bronchi which facilitates easy expulsion of phlegm from airways. In allergic reactions suppresses histamine release by mast cells and reduces inflammation. These contain Saptala taila, Amrita taila, Gandhaka rasayana, Yashtimadhu etc as ingredients. The dosage form is a semi transparent syrup. The colour of the syrup is light pink to brownish red.

7)Vadira antianemic tablets

Vadira anemia tablets are indicated in cases of mild to moderate anaemia. They stimulate production of erythrocytes by increasing hemoglobin synthesis through direct action on bone marrow cells. These contain Swarna bhasma, Maricha, Chitraka etc as ingredients. The dosage form is a compressed tablet made from pure drug with excipients like Kavach beej.

8)Vadira Cardiotonic Syrup

Vadira cardiotonic syrup is indicated in conditions such as cardiac weakness and general debility. It tonifies the heart and maintains the cardiac rhythm. It helps in the improvement of blood circulation and enzyme function. The dosage form is a syrup filled with pure drug along with suitable base like propylene glycol or vegetable oil along with excipients.

9)Vadira coronary tablets 

Vadira coronary heart diseases tablets are indicated in cases of angina, high cholesterol, myocardial infarction etc. These contain Saptala taila, Amrita taila, Gandhaka rasayana, Yashtimadhu etc as ingredients. The dosage form is a compressed tablet made from pure drug without any excipients.

10)Vadira cardiotonic liquid

Vadira cardiotonic liquid is indicated in heart failure and cardiac weakness. It tonifies the heart and maintains the cardiac rhythm. The dosage form is a liquid filled with pure drug along with suitable base like propylene glycol or vegetable oil along with excipients. The colour of the liquid is light pink to brownish red.

11)Vadira antiviral tablet

Vadira antiviral tablet is an Ayurvedic medicine. It is specially prepared to fight against viral diseases. These are the symptoms of viral diseases - cough, cold, fever, headache, bodyache etc. Vadira antiviral tablets cures these symptoms effectively. Here are some other benefits of this medicine:-

1) Cures influenza within 2-3 days without any side effects

2) Controls asthma

3) Controls digestive problems like acidity etc.

4) Increases immunity system of the body naturally thus prevents future attacks too

5) Great source of vitamins and minerals which improves overall health condition

6) Gives relief in constipation problem also due to its antispasmodic action on bowel.

12)Appetizer syrup by Vadira

The appetizer syrup by Vadira acts as a tonic for stomach and acts as an appetizer. It is prepared with the blend of natural herbs which are clinically tested on various parameters to ensure their effectiveness, purity and high quality. This Ayurvedic medicine contains extracts of amalaki, haritaki, bibhitaki, guduchi, shanka pushpi etc that collectively helps in catering to all your health needs.

It is helpful in curing many diseases like digestive disorders , weak immune system, vata dosha, general debility etc. The formula of this syrup initiates the appetite and stops vomiting when taken orally.

13)Vadira apple mulberry face wash

Vadira Apple Mulberry Honey Facewash is a natural face wash which has the goodness of natural ingredients like apple, mulberry and honey. Regular application will give you radiant skin that looks glowing. You can use this face wash twice or thrice daily on your wet skin after cleansing with water soak face towel in water. After that; apply the appropriate amount of product on the wet towel and apply it to your entire facial area especially under eyes very gently massage with little pressure avoiding eye area for 1 minute, then rinse off completely with water pat dry do not rub.

14)Vadira Arshkalp oil

Vadira Arshkalp Oil is prepared by Vadira laboratories with the best natural Ayurvedic herbs. It is an excellent massage oil with remarkable rejuvenating properties. It has natural extracts of Shudh Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Mandukaparni, Kaunch beej, Gokharu beej, Daruhaldi and many other good quality health vitalizing herbs. Massage twice daily on your body, especially the whole back starting from neck downwards to lower limbs in upward direction until it gets absorbed into skin for faster results. Use before going to sleep at night.

15)Vadira ayurvedic liver tonic

Vadira ayurvedic liver tonic is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine which helps in removing the toxins from the liver and eliminates constipation. It also enhances the functions of the liver and increases appetite. Vadiraj pandit ji's Vadira ayurvedic liver tonic maintains proper metabolism too.

16)Vadira Blood purify syrup

Vadira Blood purify syrup is a strong detoxification medicine and Blood purifies with its Anti-Anaemia, antileukocytic and Liver tonic properties. This is an effective blood purifier as it controls bleeding tendency and also reduces the excessive white cell formation in the body. This Ayurvedic medicine cures Anaemia, burning micturation, Vaginal bleeding etc.

17)Vadira blood purify tablet

The Vadira Blood Purify Tablet is an ayurvedic medicine generally used to support the liver and cleanses the blood. They are often recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners for individuals suffering from various skin ailments including acne, psoriasis, hives, boils, etc. Vadir Blood Purify Tablet works as a tonic on the liver and also purifies toxins accumulated in blood which affects the skin.

18)Vadira body rejuvenator capsule

Vadir Body Rejuvenator Capsule is an ayurvedic medicine that has undergone extensive clinical trials before being introduced into markets. The product helps fight the signs of aging on multiple levels including genomic. It improves cellular function thereby increasing energy levels, strengthening immunity and rejuvenating the body.

19)Vadira cervical soft gel capsules

The Vadir Cervical Soft Gel Capsule is an ayurvedic medicine for women's health. It helps to nourish the female reproductive system and relieves chronic menstrual irregularities like painful menstruation, delayed period etc. The medication contains components that are clinically tested to be effective in treating premenstrual tension (PMS).

20)Vadira pachak tablet

Vadir Pachak Tablet is a homeopathic medicine used as an antioxidant supplement. The medicine strengthens the immune system by increasing white blood cells which fight against free radicals or toxins in the human body. It can be used to treat various health conditions, including cancer.

21)Vadira pathyantak churna

The Vadir Pathyantak Churna is an ayurvedic medicine that stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes by the pancreas liver and stomach. The medication has anti-viral properties, making it effective in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections like common cold, cough, flu etc. above 7 years or more than 40 kg weight.

22)Vadira rasayan vati

The Vadir Rasayan Vati is a well known ayurvedic medicine used as an immune system booster supplement for healthy aging. It helps improve strength and immunity thereby increasing resistance against diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes etc.

Vadira Ayuromedic is a leading ayurvedic company that manufactures and delivers high-quality herbal products for the general well-being of human beings. This product line includes more than 300 formulations of over 100 different types including tablets, capsules, powder mix, sachets, oil blends, ointments and pastes. Vadir maintains GMP/ISO 9001:2008 certification for manufacturing excellence while the standardization process ensures every batch manufactured meets the stringent level of quality control. With its own R&D center in Chennai, Vadir also has a wellness center located in Nagpur, Maharashtra. VADIRA AYURMEDIC has a well-maintained supply chain infrastructure with production facilities in Chennai and Mumbai as well as warehouses in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), Gandhidham (Gujarat) and Kolkata (West Bengal).

23)Vadira brain tonic

Vadira Brain Tonic is a boon for the brain. This tonic helps in increasing memory, concentration and intelligence. Vadira Ramtirtham is made up of herbal ingredients which are extremely beneficial for the brain. These brain tonics are best to be consumed by the students who need to concentrate on their studies. Students can improve their grades with these tonics.

Vadira Brain Tonic strengthens the nervous system and increases the resistance power of children against infections. Vadira Garbhapal Ras is an excellent Garbhapal Ras for kids because it tones up all the three dhatus i.e., vata, pitta and kapha making them strong enough to fight diseases. This herbal tonic also makes bones stronger in young boys and girls.

Vadira Brain Tonic improves appetite, reduces acidity & flatulence, prevents constipation, gives relief from gas trouble & headache, bronchitis effectively & activates the secretion of gastric juices. Vadira Gritham decreases the pain in joints and bones, makes the heart strong & healthy, increases appetite, rejuvenates glands & provides relief from arthritis.

The ingredients used in Vadira Garbhapal Ras are Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), Hingula (Ferula foetida), Sankhapuspi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) and Parpata (Mucuna pruriens). All these herbs make Vadira Brain Tonic a powerful tonic for the brain.

Vadira Brain Tonic is known to improve memory, concentration & intelligence. This tonic is very helpful for students who want to score good grades in their exams. Vadira Garbhapal Ras makes the bones stronger in young children and boys & girls become strong too with its intake.

24)Vadira charcoal moisturizer

Vadira charcoal moisturizer is one of the best Vadira Ayurvedic medicines that you should buy online for your skin care issues. Vadiras herbal ingredients have been used for a long time in India to cure different types of skin problems. It contains certain natural herbs which are well known for their unique health benefits & medicinal properties. This unique moisturizer can be applied directly on your face, neck or other parts where wrinkles are visible.

25)Vermamed soap

Vermamed soap is another Vadira Ayurmedic medicine that you must consider buying if you are dealing with any kind of worms infection like roundworms. Well there could be many reasons behind the appearance of these worms like unhealthy food habits, unclean surroundings, lack of hygiene etc. But the problem with these worms is that they are not visible to your naked eyes, so you cannot identify them in the first place.

Vadiras termamed soap is prepared from herbs which have strong purifying properties & keep your body free from toxins. Another important benefit attached to this herbal medicine is it helps to provide relief in constipation problems as well as gas issues which are major digestive disorders linked with roundworms infection.

26)Vadira neem powder

Neem or Indian Lilac tree has been used by different cultures like Chinese & Japanese for their medicinal benefits for a very long time. Many traditional Ayurvedic medicines like toothpaste, shampoo, face pack etc contain extracts of Neem bark. Vadira neem powder is another such Ayurvedic medicine available in the market which can be used to treat skin infections like acne, pimples, rashes etc. It has strong antibacterial properties that help fight against germs & bacteria responsible for these skin problems.

27)Vadiras antiseptic cream

If you are dealing with different types of cuts and wounds then antiseptic cream by Vadira should be your best choice to buy online. This herbal medicine is prepared from natural ingredients like Neem bark extracts and other Ayurvedic herbs that provide relief in itching, burning sensation and speed up the healing process. Its formula helps prevent the growth of germs so it does not let any infection get into your body.

28)Vadira hair oil

Strong chemicals present in many branded hair oils can damage your hair & scalp, but Vadiras herbal products contain only natural ingredients which provide nourishment to your hair and keep them healthy without giving you any side effects. The best shot of this Ayurvedic medicine is it helps to get rid of dandruff problems and controls the growth of lice quickly. This 100% pure and herbal formula has been prepared from 8 different types of natural herbs that treat problems linked with damaged hairs like split ends. It also provides smoothness by making your hair shiny & manageable for a longer time period.

29)Vadira charcoal serum

Vadira charcoal serum is one of the best Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic medicines for skin whitening. It contains Akkalkara (calcium hydroxide), Mitrakara (potassium hydroxide), Gandhakaksha khanda, Taarini muktha, Sandhani muktha, etc which helps remove black dots on skin, pigmentation and discoloration.

It brightens the face and provides an even base for makeup. The gentle facial cleanser removes dirt and impurities without stripping your skin's natural moisture levels. It also helps balance excess oiliness or dryness leaving your face feeling moisturized with a healthy glow.

30)Vadira cold tablets

Vadira cold tablets are very useful for people who suffer from the common cold continuously. If you get cold during the night, this medicine will provide relief. For children it is very effective in treating cough, fever and runny nose.

31)Vadira mouth freshner 

Vadira mouth freshner is recommended to all those people who have bad breath problems even after regular cleaning of the mouth with toothbrush and paste. The regular use of this product will not only control bad breath but also help in maintaining good oral hygiene.

32)Vadira cough syrup

With its main ingredient of trikatu, the Vadira cough syrup is a wonderful home remedy for cough and cold. Trikatu is a combination of kasaya guggulu, maricha and pippali and this enhances the digestive fire, relieves cough and clears all vitiated doshas in the body.

Other ingredients of Vadira cough syrup medicine include ela (cardamom), devdaru (cedar). This product is called as ushna virya which means that it has hot potency. It provides symptomatic relief from cough and cold along with reducing fever.

33)Vadira Shapla Tail

The Vadira shapla tail acts as an herbal massage oil and it gives a cooling effect. The main ingredient of this oil is shatavari. This product also contains the paste of 4 doshas which are obtained from jeevanti, haridra, krishna jeera and vida lavana.

34)Vadira de pigmentation cream

Vadira de pigmentation cream is made with natural ingredients that work on your skin to give you a glowing, light, and dark complexion. Vadira de pigmentation cream is the best ayurvedic anti-pigmentation product that has no side effects or allergic reactions, which are common when using chemical-based creams. 

Directions to use are simple: wash your face with soap and water, dry it off thoroughly, apply the cream all over your face twice daily—once in the morning before sun exposure and once at night before sleeping. 

One of the most effective results one can expect from using this cream is for blotchy skin to be smoothed out so radiantly that even makeup cannot rival its beauty. Vadira de pigmentation cream makes the face appear lighter and brighter, offering a glowing complexion to those experiencing dull patches on their skin.

35)Vadira diamond serum

The Vadira diamond serum is a completely packed anti-ageing treatment that rejuvenates the skin with it's 3 in 1 anti ageing properties. This product has been formulated with fruits extracts and natural oils that have been used for centuries to help firm up the skin and reduce wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles.

It also promotes collagen production in the body which is vital for healthy looking clear skin, shiny hair and strong nails too. Also helps to revitalise dull complexion by removing dead cells from the upper layer of your epidermis (the top layers of your skin). Promotes cell renewal and can boost skin's texture and tone where needed. Stimulates circulation on the face to improve facial glow this product completely suits all skin types even the most sensitive skin.

36)Vadira garlic tablet

- Promotes the formation of tear fluid and reduces irritation in eyes.

- It is a natural antihistamine tablet that is a powerful antioxidant.

Vadira garlic tablet herbal oil is known as the best hair tonic product. The presence of 8 major ingredients like Amrit, Kokilaksha, Gokshura, Dhatriphala, etc., makes it one of its kind which helps to promote healthy hair growth and prevent dandruff problems.

37)Vadira gold serum (Vadira)

What is Vadira gold serum? This is a 100% pure and natural Ayurvedic herbal skin care product. It can be used as an anti-aging cream, daily moisturizer or as a night repair cream. Vadira Gold Serum has been manufactured keeping in mind the day to day problems such as sun exposure, pollution, smoking etc., which makes this product very different from others. With almost 90 days of clinical trial it combines all the goodness of herbs and makes sure that your skin gets enough nutrition and hydration. This Vadira Gold Serum does not contain any animal extracts, chemicals or preservatives and is hence completely safe for use by anyone.

It rejuvenates your skin by making it look younger and smoother. Vadira Gold Serum contains all natural ingredients such as brahmi, ashwagandha, neem and manjistha; which make your skin look glowing and healthy. It makes the skin look more vibrant by getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation marks. This product can also reduce dark circles under your eyes because of its richness in nutrients and antioxidants.

Vadira gold serum is very effective when it comes to moisturizing the dryness caused due to low humidity outside or inside buildings. It protects the skin from dehydration and makes sure that you get a soft touchable feel without any greasiness or stickiness on your face. There are several satisfied customers who have already seen the benefits of this product.

Vadira gold serum can be used by both male and females who are at least 20 years old. This Vadira Gold Serum is an ayurvedic product that has no side effects on your skin because it uses only organic ingredients which not only hydrate but also protect your skin from any type of damage. It takes around 12 days to show results after regular use, depending upon the type of skin you have.

38)Vadira herbal hair growth shampoo

Vadira Herbal Hair Growth Shampoo helps in hair growth and enhances the volume of your hair. It nourishes the root of the hair follicles and makes your hair strong from within. This is an advanced Ayurvedic formula that soothes irritated skin, prevents excessive oiliness and keeps dandruff away.

39)Vadira joint care

This is a premium quality Vadira Arthcare oil for joint aches and pains, arthritis etc. Helps in relieving pain and inflammation in the joints extremely fast due to Kapikachhu, Trikatu and Karpoor ingredients contained within it.

40)Vadira brain tonic Ayurvedic medicine

Brain tonic comes from the old tradition of ayurveda that helps improve memory power, intelligence quotient(IQ), and cognitive functions of the brain. It's helpful in slowing down ageing process, and improves blood circulation to the brain cells. It helps in improving clarity of thought, active mind all day long with full energy levels without any fatigue or dullness.

41)Vadira pan-ayurvedic medicine Lelon

Nourishes the liver, reduces fatty liver along with improving blood circulation to this important organ effectively. Effective in reducing loss of appetite and always feeling hungry, hunger pangs all day long which leads to obesity and excessive weight gain. Effectively reduces high elevated insulin levels which is a result of fat accumulation in the liver cells. Helps to bring down elevated cholesterol levels within 15 days or even more quickly. Testimonials are available online for this ayurvedic product.

42)Vadira lavender shampoo

The stunning shampoo from Vadira has been made up of natural ingredients that are safe for your hair and scalp. This lavender shampoo from Vadira comes in a 200 ml pack and has a regular usage. It removes the dirt, pollutants and dead cells from the scalp and gives way to a healthy shine on your hair. Lavender is an ingredient known for providing nourishment to the roots of the hair while burdock strengthens it. The tea tree oil in this shampoo also helps add softness and smoothness to your hair strands which makes them look shinier than before.

43)Vadira laxative syrup

This is a mild laxative and it works as a purgative. Vadira laxative syrup contains triphala which is a combination of amalaki, haritaki and bibhitaki. Triphala helps to move bowels without any discomfort or cramps. It is one of the best Vadira products which help you get rid of all parasites naturally within minutes. This herbal formulation contains six highly powerful herbs that provide quick relief from infections caused due to parasites.

44)Vadira liver tablets

Vadira liver tablets consist of extracts from whole-plant parts. It is a good natural home remedy for indigestion and constipation.

45)Vadira moisturizer

This Vadira moisturizer is a purely Ayurvedic oil-based skin cream which helps the skin retain moisture and make it supple. It gives a cooling effect to the skin. It is suitable for all skin types. It's very effective in treating cracked heels and dry skin.

46)Vadira Sandal Special Pack

This Vadira special pack contains 20 grams of pure herbal extracts of pure sandalwood flower, flower buds, fine powder of lavang flower, white shankhpushpi flowers and other purified medicinal plants mixed with 100% pure vegetable oils like almond oil, coconut oil, mustard oil etc. This pack also contains 1 piece of chandan stick, panduranga mala (jasper bead chain), tulsi kanthi mala (necklace used for keeping holy basil beads).

47)Vadira Sarvangadhara Pack

This Vadira sarvangadhara pack contains 5 types of pure herbal extracts like pure katu leaves, shatavari root powder, maileya mukhwas (Ayurvedic tooth powder), kaner leaf, bhrajaka beeja (oil for hair). It also contains 100% pure vegetable oils like almond oil, coconut oil etc.

48)Vadirajatwamuka cream or paste

This Vadira Rajatwamuka cream or paste is an Ayurvedic herbal cream which is unique for its ability to bring impurities out of the body and also help remove dead skin cells on the face and entire body. It contains special extracts of pure sandalwood flower, flower buds, lavang flower, white shankhpushpi flowers etc. along with 100% pure vegetable oils like almond oil, coconut oil etc.

49)Vadira natural sleep tablet

This is a product of Vadira. This helps to induce sound sleep and provides relief from sleeplessness, mental restlessness and tension. It also reduces the time taken to drift off to sleep without any hangover in the morning which makes it suitable for all age groups like children and adults. Various symptoms like headache, mental stress due to work pressure and tension etc helps to get relief within a few minutes after intake of this natural herbal pill which is made up of purely Ayurvedic ingredients. One may experience immediate results by taking these tablets regularly for once daily.

50)Vadira piles capsule

Vadira piles medicine is used in the management of piles and hemorrhoids. It helps to reduce pain, bleeding and itching. The ingredients present in this medcine reduces swelling and inflammation of veins in the anal passage.

51)Vadira Aloe gel Vadiragam

Vadiragam aloe gel helps soothe and cool the burn injuries and alleviates burning sensation after chemical peeling or dermabrasion of skin diseases like psoriasis & eczema. This also heals scarring from surgery & radiation. It is a must have for every family's medical bag.

Conclusion: Vadira Ayuromedic is a trusted source for the best ayurvedic medicine and products on Ayurvedamegastore. They have an extensive catalog of items to choose from, including herbal remedies, vitamins, supplements, beauty care products—you name it. You can also find information about their company’s history on our website. If you are looking for quality herbs at low prices that will help promote wellness in your life or if you want to learn more about this ancient medical practice then be sure to check out the Vadira Ayurmedics store today.


1. Where is Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company established?

- Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company was established in the year 2007 at Thrissur, Kerala with a motive to serve best quality ayurvedic medicines to our customers worldwide.

2. What kind of business does Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company deal in?

Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company deals in manufacturing and distributing various ayurveda based drugs like herbal supplements and organic oils for individuals suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, tuberculosis etc.,

3. Which are the products offered by Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company?

- Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company offers a wide range of ayurveda based medicines and supplements to treat various chronic diseases. Some of our popular products include Chyawanprash, Triphala Powder, Tila Chettu Gandharva Gutika, VadigoPlus Capsules etc.

4. What is the expiry date of all the products offered by Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company?

- All the products have been assigned an expiry date for maintaining their freshness and effectiveness. Before buying any product from Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company, you can check the expiry date mentioned over it.

5. What are the modes of payments offered by Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company?

- Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company offers various payment options including online payments i.e., Credit/Debit Cards/Net Banking, Cash on Delivery (COD), Cheque and Wire Transfer.

6. Which are the countries in which Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company is able to deliver its products?

Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company delivers its products all across India except Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep.

7. Where is Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company available?

Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company is available at the following locations: Thrissur, Kerala; Idukki, Kerala; Ernakulam, Kerala; Malappuram, Kerala; Kozhikode, Kerala; Kannoor - kerala; Kottayam -Kerala; Alleppy & Ernakulam- Kochi- Cochin -Cochin City- kerala and Trivandrum (Kerala). Plus we also offer home delivery of all our ayurveda products to more than 700+ cities and towns across India.

8. What are the brands offered by Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company?

- Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company offers only authentic brands that have been in practice for centuries to treat various chronic diseases.  Some of our brands include Vadiraj, Vadigas, Vadicare and Vadiboost.

9. What is the mode of packaging offered by Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company?

- All the products manufactured and supplied by Vadira Ayuromedic Ayurvedic Company are packed in high-grade raw material with unique packing to maintain their freshness.

10. What is the validity of all products?

- The validity of all products can be found on the product label itself.

Vadira Ayuromed is a one-stop solution for Indian Ayurveda healthcare requirements. It has developed an effective range of herbal supplements that cater to diverse issues. Vadira Ayuromed's wide range of varied products is helpful for both prevention and cure for your health problems.