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Buy Unjha Ayurvedic Medicine and Products Online at Best Price

In the year 1894 Lt. Vaidyaraja shree Nagindasji Shah, had put the foundation stone of UNJHA PHARMACY, with a noble goal to spread the fame and 100 years ago, a town named UNJHA in north province of Gujarat, in the popularity of Ayurveda-the science of life, world-wide.

After scrutinizing various ayurvedic authentic textbooks, Lt.Vaidyaraja Nagindasji, plucked 1100 formulations and started manufacturing these formulations. He dispensed ayurvedic drugs free of cost amongst the learned people and well wishers of Ayurveda for 10 years.

Unjha Pharmacy today makes hundreds of quality medicines and almost all are available on ayurvedamegastore.

Urja or shriurja ayurved is the science of life that is related to the Atharva veda. As we all know ayurveda or the ayurvedic system is one of the oldest means of curing diseases in the world. Ayurveda is and has been effective in curing lifestyle disorders like weight gain, depression, diabetes etc. Ayurvedic medicines have been and are still being used to treat various acute and chronic illnesses. Ayurveda has its own way of looking at a disease and it works at the root cause of the disease and not just on the symptoms. Ayurveda works to cure the disease from the root. India is known to practice ayurveda worldwide and is very lucky to have the various and numerous herbs that are used in the preparation of the ayurvedic medicines. Good and proper combinations of these herbs have shown incredible benefits against chronic diseases like diabetes and various others that are tough to deal with. With amazing results seen against chronic diseases around the world, ayurveda should have been used much more than it is in the current world we are living in. World forgot about the ayurveda because of race, that there is , of the Pharmaceutical companies who are producing substandards and ineffective medicines daily in the name of pure ayurveda. A great deal of research is needed to make the highly effective ayurvedic preparations and should be introduced to the world for their own betterment. Thus , Urja or Shree urja ayurved as a company , has devoted itself to find and to produce the best of the products using ayurveda to treat or to tackle the tough diseases. The medical practitioners have been giving positive feedback to the Shree urja ayurved and has been the motivating factor for the company to grow more and more. Various products that are being produced under the name of Urja or Shree urja ayurved are as follows:

-       Arjun urja kwath

-       Ashmantak and urja crush liquid

-       Med urja tablet

-       Medant kwath

-       Madhuban kwath

-       Shwas urja kwath

-       Med urja tablet

-       Stree urja syrup

-       Thyro urja kwath

-       Thyro urja tablet

-       Urja nerve

-       Urja sutra

-       Urja shuddhi

-       Urja press kwath

-       Vatant

-       Vaat urja kwath

-       Vednantak oil

Urja or Shree urja ayurved has a vision to make ayurveda a priority all around the world and is working extensively towards achieving that.