10% off

Baidyanath Amalki Rasayan

Rs.88 Rs.98
5% off

Baidyanath Mamere Ka Surma

Rs.75 Rs.79
5% off

Baidyanath Netramrit Surma

Rs.50 Rs.53
15% off

Herbal Hills Amlahills Capsule

Rs.125 Rs.147
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Himalaya Opthacare Eye Drops

Rs.43 Rs.45

J & J Dechane Rasgent Eye Drops

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Nagarjuna (kerela) Fineye Drops

Rs.52 Rs.55
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Organic India Amalaki

Rs.166 Rs.175

Pravek Netramrit Capsule

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Sami Direct Macumax Capsules

Rs.1,378 Rs.1,450
12% off

Vyas Ujala Tablet

Rs.145 Rs.165
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