Buy Wellness Mantra Biohart Capsules at Best Price Online
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Buy Wellness Mantra Biohart Capsules at Best Price Online

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Complete Cholesterol and Lipid Care 

Cardiac health is amongst the most critical concerns for mankind, worldwide. It is one of the leading causes of death across the Globe. 

Wellness Mantra’s BioHart™ capsules is a unique combination, made from scientifically chosen herbs, well-established to promote cardiac health. BioHart™ is made following the prescribed ancient, authentic ayurvedic shastra, in modern world-class facilities with high standards of testing norms. 

BioHart™ comprises of Arjunchhal, Shallaki Guggulu, Haritaki, and 7 other wonder herbs that are known to help reduce bad cholesterol, strengthen heart muscles and keep the heart healthy for a happier life. 

The ingredients of BioHart™ capsules are known to:

Strengthen heart muscles, improve Cardiac Health

Reduce bad cholesterol, improve the elasticity of blood vessels

Aid to control high blood pressure, lower risk of stroke

Additionally, control stress, improve blood flow, fight excess fat deposition

Be an excellent Lipid Profile regulator


Dosage: 1 Capsule, twice daily or as directed by the Physician. 

The ingredients of BioHart™ are not known to cause any side effects if taken as per the suggested dosage. 

BioHart™ is a safe and natural cardiac health supplement, for a healthy heart and happier life. 

BioHart™ shows the best results with regular use along with physical exercise and a balanced diet. Fried, processed and high-sugar food should be avoided. 

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