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Aimil Amalki Tablets

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Aimil Amlycure D.S Capsule

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Aimil Amlycure D.S Syrup

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Aimil Amlycure Syrup

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Aimil Amlycure Tablet

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Aimil Amree Plus Capsule

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Aimil Amree Plus Granules

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Aimil Amree Plus Tablet

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Aimil Amroid Ointment

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Aimil Amroid Tablet

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Aimil Amycordial Syrup

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Aimil Amycordial Tablet

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Aimil Amydio Forte Syrup

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AIMIL Amynity Plus Syrup

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Aimil Amypure Syrup

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Aimil Amypure Tablets

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Aimil Amyron Syrup

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Aimil Amyron Tablet

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Aimil Amystop G Capsules

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Aimil Ayurvedic Boniheal Syrup

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AIMIL Ayush Kwath Powder

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Aimil - Buy Best in Quality Aimil Products Online

Buy Aimil Ayurvedic Medicines Online at Low Rates

Aimil is a renowned Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company in India. It provides quality medicines and products while maintaining a high level of standards at affordable prices. You can now buy all your favorite ayurvedic medicines and products online at the best price from the Aimil website!

We offer a wide range of ayurvedic medicines, such as pain relief tablets, hair care products, skincare products, weight loss pills, and many more. We also provide an exclusive range of natural beauty supplements that help you improve your skin texture by reducing scars and wrinkles on the face with regular use. 

Every product we sell has been made according to the principles of Vedas with no artificial preservatives or additives for your convenience.  Aimil offers free shipping on all orders above Rs 500/- across India, so you can easily buy these amazing products without any hassle from AyurvedaMegastore.

1)Aimil Lukoskin Combo Pack

Aimil Lukoskin Combo Pack is a set of skincare products that have been designed to take care of all your skin needs. This combo pack contains Aimil Lukoskin Face Wash, Aimil Lukoskin Cream and Aimil Lukoskin Sunscreen Lotion. The Aimil Lukoskin Face Wash helps you to get a refreshing facial wash. It cleanses your face gently and makes it glow with its AHA content. Aimil Lukoskin Cream is a fantastic moisturizer, which hydrates the skin from deep within and prevents dryness. So, if you are looking for an all-in-one skincare solution, Aimil Lukoskin Combo Pack is the right choice for you! It provides all the benefits you need to take care of your skin and keep it healthy and glowing. Order now and get a refresh.    

2)Aimil Amree Plus Granulés

Aimil Amree Plus Granules is an Ayurvedic medicine that is used to improve digestion and absorption of food. It helps in relieving bloating, gas, and constipation. Aimil Amree Plus Granules also helps in improving overall health and well-being. Several Aimil Amree Plus Granules benefits have been proven to help the human body. Aathi Hingu (Gum resin) present in Aimil Amree Plus Granules possess anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties.

Aathi Hing (Asafetida/Ferula Foetida) is a well-known spice that is used as a flavoring agent in Aimil Amree Plus Granules. Aathi Hing (Asafetida/Ferula Foetida) possesses anti-flatulent properties. Aathadhangi (Aathadha Hing) is a spice that has been used in Aimil Amree Plus Granules to improve digestion and relieve abdominal pain. Aathi Aanasha (Ailanthus excelsa) is a herb that has been used in Aimil Amree Plus Granules to improve absorption of food. Aathi Aanasha (Ailanthus excelsa) possesses anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic properties.

3)Aimil BGR 34 Tablets

Aimil BGR 34 tablets are a nutritional supplement that is meant to help improve overall health. The tablets contain various minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Aimil BGR 34 is meant to be taken daily and can help improve energy levels, support immune system, promote overall good health. 

Aimil BGR 34 tablets contain multiple vitamins and minerals and other beneficial nutrients such as ginger, kacip Fatimah (Tamarind), nutgrass (Cyperus rotundus), and cloves. Aimil BGR 34 tablets will help provide the body with essential minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. The vitamins in Aimil BGR 34 include A, C, D, and E. 

Aimil BGR 34 also contains chromium, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels. Taking Aimil BGR 34 tablets daily can help improve overall energy levels and support the immune system. Aimil BGR 34 can also keep a healthy metabolic rate. 

Aimil BGR 34 contains ginger, which has been shown to improve digestion and can help ease stomach cramps and diarrhea. Aimil BGR 34 is free of lactose, soy, yeast, sugar, salt, artificial flavors, and colors. Aimil BGR 34 is gluten-free.

Aimil Amypure and all other Aimil products are available for online sale. Aimil was born in the year 1984 with the mission to serve the mankind with wholesome therapeutic benefits of Ayurveda through their founder chairman-Mr K.K. Sharma. Aimil's mission is to provide Quality and Innovative Healthcare solutions for the suffering masses through the progressively exploring wealth of Ultra scientific science named Ayurveda.

With the mission ‘Quality Healthcare for All', Aimil aims to reach the masses all over the globe, crossing an annual turnover of ₹1000 crores ($ 160 Million approx.) by the end of 2025. Aimil vision is to constantly take the legacy of Ayurveda ahead Scientifically, establishing it as the real power system in the Healthcare sector around the World.