5% off

Alarsin D2D Tablet

Rs.48 Rs.50
17% off

Dhootapapeshwar Kamdudha with Mouktik

Rs.2,810 Rs.3,385
16% off

Dhootapapeshwar Myrolax Forte

Rs.212 Rs.252
17% off

Dhootapapeshwar Panchamrut Parpati

Rs.125 Rs.150
16% off

Dhootapapeshwar Pittashekhar Rasa

Rs.388 Rs.462
17% off

Dhootapapeshwar Praval Panchamrut With Mouktik

Rs.339 Rs.408
17% off

Dhootapapeshwar Shankha Bhasma

Rs.76 Rs.92
17% off

Dhootapapeshwar Shankha Vati

Rs.90 Rs.108
5% off

Himalaya Gasex Tablets

Rs.86 Rs.90
5% off

Himalaya Himcospaz Tablets

Rs.29 Rs.30

J & J Dechane Gastromone Tablets


J & J Dechane Sal Phos Tablets


J And J Dechane Herbitars Tablets

7% off

Kerala Ayurveda Alsactil Tablet

Rs.307 Rs.330
7% off

Kerala Ayurveda Ashta Choornam

Rs.70 Rs.75
8% off

Maharishi Amlant Tablet

Rs.368 Rs.400
8% off

Maharishi Dizomap Tablet

Rs.147 Rs.160
5% off

Nagarjuna (Kerela) Nutral Tablets

Rs.209 Rs.220
5% off

Nagarjuna (Kerela) Protekt Tablet

Rs.380 Rs.400
8% off

Sandu Bilagyl

Rs.138 Rs.150
17% off

Vasu Pep-Up Syrup

Rs.79 Rs.95
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