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Over 90 years ago, J. & J. Dechane Laboratories (P) Ltd., was founded in 1917 in Hyderabad, India, by the late D. F. de Souza, a man born before his time , who combined in a unique fashion, great vision, with vast knowledge of the different systems of medicine.

D. F .de Souza sought to combine the best in all the three systems of medicine- modern, allopathy, ayurveda and homeopathy. His aim was to provide effective drugs for India's masses, with minimal side effects and at low cost. Herbo- mineral medicines, the result of his untiring efforts and single minded devotion was an array of over 50 unique preparations, designed to treat common ailments, and providing efficacy, safety and economy.  All the finished products viz., Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Injectables, Oils, Ointments, & Powders are tested for average weights, disintegration time, diameter, thickness, moisture, volume, color sedimentation, taster, pH, clarity etc. 

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J And J Dechane Brahamdine Tablets

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J & J Dechane Albo-Sang Powder


J & J Dechane Albo-Sang Tablets


J & J Dechane Albovit Complete Supplement For Women.


J & J Dechane Chiniumco Heamostatic Tablets


J & J Dechane Fluzen Effective And Safe Antiviral Tablets


J & J Dechane Gastromone Tablets


J & J Dechane Livactin-G Anti-Oxidant Tablets


J & J Dechane Medicated Tooth Powder


J & J Dechane Mersina Tablets


J & J Dechane Nevoss Tablets


J & J Dechane Rasgent Eye Drops


J & J Dechane Remorin Capsules


J & J Dechane Remorin Oil


J & J Dechane Ripanto Ointment


J & J Dechane Rubzon Vapour-Rub


J & J Dechane Sal Phos Tablets


J & J Dechane Senzine Tonic Tablets


J & J Dechane Spolax Laxative Granules


J & J Dechane Turaico Diuretic And Urinary Antiseptic Tablets


J & J Dechane Vitesson Tranquillizer Tablets

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