Buy Wellness Mantra KsheerVardhini Granules at Best Price Online
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Buy Wellness Mantra KsheerVardhini Granules at Best Price Online

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Breastfeeding: The Ultimate Love & Nourishment

Mother’s Milk lays the strongest foundation for the newborn baby’s health, developing immunity and ensuring much-needed nourishment. 

KsheerVardhini™ granules are made by taking inspiration from the grandmother’s age-old recipes and supported by the research and findings of modern times. The ayurvedic ingredients of KsheerVardhini™ granules offer a superior solution that not only increases the quantum and flow of mother’s milk but also provides adequate nourishment, rejuvenation and immunity build-up for the baby and the mother. 

Enriched with Shatavari, Jivanti, Vidarikand, Godanti Bhasma, and other specially chosen herbs, KsheerVardhini™ is a safe and natural galactagogue - a boon for the Mother and the precious Child!

Ingredients of KsheerVardhini™ are known to:

Help in increasing the production of corticoids and prolactin in the body, the milk-producing hormones, that improve the quality and amount of breast milk

Vitalize, rejuvenate and build up the immunity of the Mother, giving her strength and energy

Be rich in vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients essential for a nursing mother, fulfilling the nourishment needs that are required in postnatal care


Dosage: 2 spoonsful with milk, twice a day or as directed by the Physician 

All active ingredients of KsheerVardhini™ are 100% ayurvedic, safe for long-term use for the Mother and the Baby. 

KsheerVardhini™ is recommended to be taken by the nursing mother till the time the baby feeds on Mother’s milk. 

KsheerVardhini™ shows the best results with regular use along with a balanced diet. The Mother is advised to keep a happy, stress-free mindset with a positive attitude at all times. 

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