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Hina is popularly known as the Mehendi in India. It is also available as great organic hair oils which are very beneficial to your hair. It is also used as beautifying body art, especially on feet and hands. It is also used as a natural hair color dye. There are various organic hina products available at Ayurveda Megastore which you can try. Hena is also well known for its beneficial properties.


Following are the various benefits that the organic hina products offer-

  • ·       It increases hair density and promotes hair growth
  • ·       It controls oil secretions
  • ·       It helps in reducing dandruff
  • ·       It provides natural hair color
  • ·       It maintains the overall health of hair
  • ·       The anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing tension
  • ·       It maintains your hair by minimizing hair damage
  • ·       It helps in averting early greying of hair
  • ·       It decreases hair loss
  • ·       It improves the quality of nails
  • ·       It helps in healing wounds
  • ·       It reduces the risk of fever
  • ·       It gives relief from headache problems
  • ·       It cures sleeping problems


Organic Hina is generally made of the following ingredients-

  • ·       Henna
  • ·       Amla
  • ·       Shikakai
  • ·       Brahmi
  • ·       Reetha
  • ·       Tulsi
  • ·       Bhringraj
  • ·       Fenugreek

If you are thinking of buying the best organic hina in the market, you can get it at Ayurveda Megastore. We have some of the best hina products which include Preethy's Boutique Henna Powder + Indigo Powder, Kerala Naturals Herbal Henna Powder 100gm, Kerala Naturals Henna Powder 200gm, Jovees Henna & Brahmi Herbal Mehandi, and many more.