Basic Ayurveda

The BASIC AYURVEDA name is symbolic of its origin. “BASIC" means "Essential" or "Fundamental", which is necessary for living. "AYURVEDA "means "the knowledge for long life". It is an ancient Indian branch of medicine...  based on herbs and plants to cure diseases and enhance health. Put together, BASIC and AYURVEDA become BASIC AYURVEDA , an Ayurvedic product manufacturing INDIAN company/brand.

Their mission is to keep on researching and developing the Natural way to keep human to look young as long as it takes. Basic Ayurveda is an Ayurvedic Research and Manufacturing Company offering a wide range of Herbal Products for beauty and health care. All the products, manufactured and marketed are backed up with clinical data. Basic Ayurveda products are available for online sale on ayurvedamegastore.

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