Harsha pharmacy

Amla Juice


Atakof Cough & Cold Syrup


Bon Apeta Syrup


Bramhi Juice


Diebnon Juice


Elsoron Syrup


Femkalp Syrup


Harsha Pharmacy Aloe Vera Amla Juice


Hridaykriti Juice


Livokriti Syrup


Memokriti Syrup


N-Zyme Syrup


Nekash Cough & Could Syrup


Platokriti Juice


Punch Tulsi Juice


Raktkriti Syrup


Rheuminon Oil


Shatavari Juice


Systalka Syrup


Triphala Juice


Vitakriti Syrup

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Harsha pharmacy

Harsha Pharmacy has the collaborators and the supporters all over the world which has helped the company to practice WHO guidelines and standardisation in public and private sector all over the country. Some of the  products the company deals with are;

-       Harsha Pharmacy Aloe Vera Amla Juice

-       Rheuminon Oil

-       Diebnon Juice

-       Punch Tulsi Juice

-       Syrups and suspens

-       Extensive range of parentral nutrition products

Over several years ,due to the hard work and the consistency of the company , Harsha Pharmacy has grown into a thriving company from its humble beginnings.