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Hepatomegaly - Buy Best in Quality Hepatomegaly Products Online

Hepatomegaly is a disease that is characterized by an enlarged liver, which means it's swollen beyond its usual or normal size. The liver has a lot of important jobs. It helps to clean the blood by getting rid of harmful chemicals that the body makes. It makes a liquid called bile, which helps the body to break down fat from food. And it stores sugar, called glucose, which gives a person a quick energy boost when one needs it. A swollen liver usually is a symptom of another health condition, such as hepatitis. Most of the time, when the patient has a slightly enlarged liver, he won't notice any symptoms. If it's severely swollen, patient may have:

-       A feeling of fullness

-       Discomfort in your belly

Depending on the cause of the enlarged liver, patient may notice symptoms like:

-       Yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice)

-       Fatigue and weakness

-       Nausea

-       Weight loss

The liver might be enlarged because of one of the following things:

-       Obesity

-       An infection (such as hepatitis B or hepatitis C)

-       Some medications or alcohol

-       Toxins

-       Autoimmune disease (when your body's immune system attacks healthy tissue)

-       Metabolic syndrome (a group of risk factors for heart disease that includes high blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels; and belly fat)

-       Genetic disorders that cause fat, protein, or other substances to build up

Liver is an important organ of the body which plays vital functions. Ayurveda mega store has the variety of products that helps in the hepatomegaly suffering patients like;

-       AHC Livobril

-       Maharishi Livomap Tablet