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Nagarjuna N-Liv Tablet

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Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Abha Guggulu


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Abhayadi Kashaya


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Agastya Haritaki Avaleh


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Agnitundi Vati


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Ajmodadi Tablet


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Amaruta Guggulu


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Ampachak Vati


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Amrit Bhallatak Avaleh


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Amvatari Ras


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Anand Bahirav Ras (Jwar)


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Anarmix Syrup


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Anu Tailam


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Apamargkshar Tailam


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Apatyakar Ghritam


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Arand Brusht Haritaki Tablet


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Argvadhadi Kashaya


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Arjun Ghritam


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Arjun Twak Ghanvati


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Ark Tailam


Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Arogya Wardhini Vati

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Nagarjuna(Gujrat) - Buy Best in Quality Nagarjuna(Gujrat) Products Online

The five generations of the Joshi family trace their descent via a continuous Ayurvedic genealogy. The present incumbent of the rich tradition, Shri Satish Kumar Joshi obtained his MD in Ayurveda in 1979 and decided to establish a manufacturing facility for compounding medicine named after the great ancient physician.

Nagarjun Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd. continues the great tradition of Ayurveda. The Company gives impetus to and strengthens the prospects of the present scenario by offering its own resources from a pure and pristine tradition. 
Nagarjun Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd. formulates and manufactures for the domestic and world markets all forms of presentation in modern and sophisticated packaging, ensuring purity and preserving the potency.