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Leucorrhea/White Discharge - Buy Best in Quality Leucorrhea/White Discharge Products Online

Leucorrhoea or Vaginal discharge is widespread and can vary in quantity and quality based on different days of the menstrual cycle. The medical name for normal vaginal discharge is leucorrhoea. It can be yellow or white, but it does not cause pain, itching, irritation, or burning of the tissue around the vaginal opening. It is sometimes hard to specify the difference between normal vaginal discharge and leukorrhea caused by a yeast infection or sexually transmitted diseases. It is mostly odorless and pale. It helps to keep the vagina free of infections by flushing out the foreign bodies. But sometimes, the discharge can be due to underlying pathology like an infection that needs medical attention. There are various causes for this condition, but the most common ones are as follows:

-       Sexual intercourse that is unprotected.

-       Nutritional deficiency.

-       Poor maintenance of hygiene in intimate areas.

-       Any injury to the cervix or any other part of the female reproductive system during pregnancy.

-       Infection of the urinary tract.

-       Fungal or bacterial infections.

-       Vaginal irritation due to the insertion of contraceptive devices.

-       Anemia.

-       Diabetes.

-       A contraceptive device used by the partner that causes irritation.

The following symptoms suggest that you might be suffering from leukorrhea:

-       Foul-smelling vaginal discharge.

-       Pain in the stomach or cramps.

-       Constipation.

-       Headaches.

-       Itching sensation.

-       Pain in the lumbar region and calves

To help women get relief from these kind of infections, ayurveda megastore offers variety of ayurvedic medicines to the patients suffering from leucorrhoea like;

        -     Xovak Pharma Leuockyor for Leucorrhoea & Menopause

-       Kuods Leucorid Syrup

-       Ayukriti Femkalp Syrup

-       Gufic Eugynin L Tablet

-       Vadira Uterine Capsule

-       Ayukriti Mensifem Capsule

-       Vedi Herbal Arjuna Tablet

-       Sri Sri Tattva Haritaki Tablet