Gum Tone/Powder/Oil

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Alarsin G-32 Mouth Paint

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Himalaya Dental Cream

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Himalaya Hiora Ga Gel

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Himalaya Hiora Sg Gel

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J & J Dechane Medicated Tooth Powder

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Nagarjun (Kerala) Tooth Powder

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Pravek Vajradanti Dant Manjan

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Gum Tone/Powder/Oil

Oral health is very essential to maintain as the proper digestion process starts from the oral cavity. Hence if the oral health is fine, it enhances the digestion process. One must be very careful in taking proper care of oral health especially the gums. They ensure the strong and overall health of teeth. One must only prefer using organic gum tone or powder to maintain good gum health. These organic gum tones are only made of natural ingredients and have many health benefits. They are also free from any sort of side effects.

Following are some of the benefits of using organic gum tone-

  • It helps in removing the stain that is accumulated on the teeth.
  • It prevents gum bleeding.
  • It reduces the inflammation in the gums.
  • When used regularly, it protects from dental plaque.
  • It prevents the chances of Halitosis.
  • It ensures fresh breath.
  • It doesn’t contain sugar and tobacco.

If you also want to maintain good oral health by using an organic gum tone, you can get them at Ayurveda Megastore. They have a wide variety of organic gum tone products that include Nagarjun (Kerala) Tooth Powder, Himalaya Dental Cream, Himalaya Hiora Sg Gel.