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Buy Sami Direct Osteostrong at Best Price Online

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Woman 40+

OsteoStrong® is a health supplement for women 40 and older who face an increased risk of declining bone density and fractures. Loaded with natural ingredients like Calcium Citrate malate, Soy extract, Red Clover extract and BioPerine®, OsteoStrong not only strengthens your bones from within but also helps prevent osteoporosis and post-menopausal symptoms in women.

As women mature, the body undergoes many changes. Particularly after the age of 40, they need to be more careful due to the natural depletion of the hormone Estrogen. This decline in estrogen levels is associated with menopause which puts women at increased risk for reduced bone density and thus fractures.

Key Benefits -

  • Binds estrogen receptors and prevents the body from over-producing estradiol
  • Dilutes xenoestrogen-type toxins by binding at receptor sites and function as anti-estrogens
  • Boosts progesterone expression and helps to normalise the body's important estrogen to progesterone ratio
  • Reduces cholesterol and supports the liver in its critical role of detoxifying the blood and converting excess estradiol into the more benign form of estriol
  • Functions as powerful antioxidants Prevents the formation of new blood vessels that feed abnormal cells Inhibits abnormal cell growth
  • Boosts several beneficial enzymes within the body that prevent DNA adduct and reduce cellular damage and aging
Compostion - OsteoStrong® is a proprietary blend of Sami Direct which is a combination of isoflavones, extracts from red clover, a highly absorbable form of calcium and Sabinsa’s very own bioavailability enhancer *Bioperine®.

*Patented : US & International Patents

Packsize : 60 Tablets

Suggested Use Level : One tablet in the morning & one at night immediately after meal preferably along with warm milk. For better results add one tablet of Calci D Max™ along.

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