Aachman Veda  Safed Musli 60 Capsules 500 Mg
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Aachman Veda Safed Musli 60 Capsules 500 Mg

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Aachman Veda  Safed Musli 60 Capsules 500 Mg 

Safed Musli capsules are crafted using the roots of the Safed Musli plant. These roots are known to have several medicinal properties and can help in providing the right nutrients to the body on a daily basis. Safed Musli also has properties that could benefit the health of your joints and muscles and may also help in regaining flexibility for stiff muscles and joints. It is also a potent herb that could help enhance the performance and give you more confidence. Safed Musli is a good source of daily dietary fiber, protein and carbohydrates.

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