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Buy Sami Direct Toxiflush at Best Price Online

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Sami Direct ToxiFlush™

Effectively removes Toxins

It is an effective detoxification formulation that helps to cleanse the body of accumulated harmful toxins which can have a negative effect on the body. Detoxification should be done regularly to improve the functioning of vital organs like the liver and kidneys and to overcome chronic diseases. ToxiFlush™ provides comprehensive support to the detoxification process.

Key Benefits

  • Supports the body's natural mechanisms to eliminate toxins
  • Supports healthy digestions Supports normal liver functions
  • Supports a healthy body weight and composition
  • Supports normal metabolic processes leading to sustained energy levels and stamina
Composition - ToxiFlush™ is a good Combination of Ingredients that helps maintain digestive tract health, and it contains extracts from silybum marianum, Licorice, Peppermint oil, Picroliv® FenuFibers® and Sabinsa's LactoSpore®.

Tips & suggestions:- For best results increase dietary fibre in your meal & optimal quantity of warm water. Have a glass of warm water with ½ lemon squeezed into it next morning. Avoid exposure to cold breeze, drinking cold water, heavy foods, over exercise & stress.

Packsize : 60 Capsules

Suggested Use Level : One capsule once a day after dinner with lukewarm or hot water for 30 days. To be repeated once in every 6 months

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