Buy Vedi Herbal Jatiphaladi Churna at Best Price Online
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Buy Vedi Herbal Jatiphaladi Churna at Best Price Online

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PRODUCT DETAILS Jatiphaladi churna, a cannabis-infused classical Ayurvedic formulation of nutmeg (Myristica fragrans), is sedative, antispasmodic & astringent and also is a powerful internal cleanser. It clears cough, manages asthma and respiratory disorders. It is a natural lungs detoxifier. It also fights bad breath and rejuvenates taste buds. One Jatiphaladi box contains 15 sachets. THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS Cough, cold and nasal congestion Chronic diarrhea Sprue syndrome Asthma, dyspnoea (difficult in breathing) Anorexia Painful menses Heavy and long menses ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS Cannabinoids, Mesin, Myristin, Tanins, Zingiberene, Sucrose etc. INGREDIENTS Each 3g contains Jatiphala Sd. (Myristica fragrans): 0.06g Lavanga Fl.Bd. (Sygizium aromaticum): 0.06g Ela Sd. (Elettaria cardamomum): 0.06g Patra (Tejapatra) Lf. (Cinnamomum tamala): 0.06g Twak St.Bk. (Cinnamomum zeylanicum): 0.06g Nagakesara Stmn. (Mesua ferrea): 0.06g Karpura Sub.Ext (Cinnamomum camphora) : 0.06g Sweta Chandana Ht.Wd. (Santalum album): 0.06g Tila Sd. (Sesamum indicum): 0.06g Tagara Rt. (Valeriana wallichii): 0.06g Amalaki Fr. (Emblica officinalis): 0.06g Pippali Fr. (Piper longum): 0.06g Talisa Lf. (Abies webbiana): 0.06g Pathya (Haritaki) Fr. (Terminalia chebula): 0.06g Citraka Rt. (Plumbago zeylanica): 0.06g Sunthi Rz. (Zingiber officinale): 0.06g Vidanga Fr. (Embelia ribes): 0.06g Marica Fr. (Piper nigrum): 0.06g Bhanga Lf. (Cannabis sativa): 0.6g Sarkara (Cane sugar): 1.2g KEY BENEFIT: Treats cough,cold and nasal congestion. Helps to cure chronic diarrhea. Treats sprue syndrome. Manage asthma and dyspnoea (diffecult in breathing). DOSAGE: A sachet once a day with a cup of warm water after food or as directed by the physician. This is a prescription-based product and will be dispatched only after we receive a proper prescription from a qualified doctor.

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