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Vadira Brain Tablets

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Vadira brain tablets are the combination of an exceptional herbal formulation of tried and true natural herbs that are guaranteed to boost manpower, brainpower and deal with all common mental disorders. A handful of common ingredients of this tonic include Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Mandukaparni, Amla, Vaca, and Jyotismati that altogether help in improving brain functions, activity of brain cells, hold back the aging of these cells, reinforce metabolism of brain cells tissue, standardize brain central nervous system, streamline blood circulation and others functions of brain. This amazing ayurvedic product is a great thing in cutting down mental stress and helps one attain the perfect peace of mind and can focus on his/her target.

Vadira brain tablets are the antidote for boosting weak memory with sure success. After all, it is the formulation of a range of memory boosting herbs and nutrients. These herbs enhance attentiveness, mental alertness, and learning efficiency as well as prevent and treat memory loss and absentmindedness. It is a perfect brainpower product for those people from all walks of life such as students, professors, attorneys, medical professionals, accountants, etc. Vadira Brain Tablets are also the thing for aged people who lack good memory or tend to forget things frequently. This product by our company Vadira plays a seminal role in maintaining attentiveness and tranquility of mind.


  • Goodbye to forgetfulness and memory retention
  • Enhanced memory and improved concentration
  • No mental stress and nervous tiredness
  • Relief from stress, depression, and anxiety



It helps to boost brainpower, memory, and attention. In the meantime, it helps in enhancing the power of remembrance. It is also favorable in and dealing with sleeplessness and stress disorders.


With aging, it is common for people to develop brain-degradation problems to take place. The active compounds in Brahmi, called bacosides to make a positive influence on brain cells to regenerate the brain’s tissues.


Mandukaparni herb is very effective for brain, intellect, and memory. It helps to improve blood circulation, endurance and reinforce the resistance of your body. This is just the thing for the brain, as it plays a stellar role in the proper functioning of brain cells.


Amla has been used as a dependable agent when it comes to improving brain functioning and memory. Apart from improving the memory and keeping giving the perfect peace of mind, it helps to manage Alzheimer’s disease.

Vaea (rhizome)

Vaea expels all toxins and other hindrances from our body by turning around the activity of sadhaka pitta- the metabolic fire of the nervous system, and enhancing the reception and memory. It is really an elixir particularly for the children, as a nervine.


The seeds of jyotismati have an influential effect on the brain as it has been in usage for centuries in Ayurveda to augment memory, intellect, and attentiveness.


Presence of varied herbs and other excipients in Vadira brain tablets act as a catalyst to boost memory and other brain functions. Vadira brain tablets can be used by any person, no matter what the age is. This product is the composition of one of the most influential herbal supplements to enhance brainpower as it deals with stress and other related problems. It steps up blood circulation all the way through the body, improving oxygen delivery to cells and enhances brainpower.

So if your memory or brain functioning is not up to the mark then do not delay in purchasing Vadira brain tablets now from our store.

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