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Buy Vadira Antipyretic Tablets at Best Price Online

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Antipyretics are the medications that are fundamentally useful in dealing with conditions of pyrexia or high body temperature. In Ayurveda, there are several different types of antipyretic tablets that are used to regulate a person’s body temperature, and to restore it.

There are lots of ayurvedic antipyretic medicines known to cut down the level of high body temperature. Out of them, one is Vadira Antipyretic tablets.

Antipyretic Drugs in Ayurveda

Like a regular antipyretic medicine, Vadira Antipyretic tablets work wonders in regulating the body’s temperature from high or low to normal. When our body stops sweating, the phenomenon is termed Swedavrodha, which is responsible for causing a rise in temperature. The usage of this antipyretic drug in Ayurveda is used depending on the patient’s case.


Vadira Antipyretic tablets act very well in accelerating the heat radiated in the body and cutting down the level of hypothalamus activity. These tablets also work wonderfully in putting an end to the sweating action happening in the body.

Having a bitter taste, Vadira Antipyretic tablets have the potency to deal with pyretic conditions exceptionally well to deliver you 100% satisfaction.



Guduchi is a dried natural plant whose stem is the thing for sporadic yet life-threatening fevers such as malaria or dengue.


Katikaranjan is a versatile natural plant whose seeds are used as a uterine stimulant and to cleanse the uterus. It also subdues the fever, edema and abdominal pain during this period. Seeds are a great remedy to deal with various skin diseases and serve as an excellent antiseptic, astringent, bitter, blood purifier, febrifuge, bitter and pick-me-up. Again, they have great usefulness for chest complaints, chronic fevers, and lumbago.


Chirata is an ultimate remedy for fever, constipation, unwell stomach, loss of hunger, intestinal worms, skin diseases, and cancer. According to some people, it is “a bitter tonic.”


Mamejava in Ayurvda has a reference for reducing fever, diabetes mellitus, loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal pain during fever.

Godanti Bhasma

Godanti Bhasma is a potent combination of natural and plant extracts that are enriched with calcium and other valuable minerals. Nimbu comes enriched with Vitamin C is a dependable treatment for cold, cough, fever and immunity.


In general, children have weak immunity power and with that said, most they are likely susceptible to fever. The good thing is that Vadira Antipyretic tablets in Ayurveda help in developing and supporting their immune system. Vadira Antipyretic tablets are also useful and effective in overcoming fever, not just for children, but also for adults. Fever among children is generally caused due to kapha dosha that has signs of nasal congestion, and poor appetite.

Here are other useful tips from Ayurveda to stay away from Fever:

  • Take adequate rest.
  • Drink more water to get rid of the “ama.”
  • Take ginger tea before sleeping.
  • Rub fresh onion juice in the region of the navel.

Understanding antipyretic drugs in Ayurveda will help us get rid of fever effortlessly, using traditional home remedies and herbs. The benefits of making this conventional technique may prove to be particularly useful if you are following a natural remedy for yourself or your child’s fever.


Vadira antipyretic tablets work very effectively in overcoming all types of fever in general. And it is very easy for you to find a number of ayurvedic antipyretic tablets in the market, Vadira antipyretic tablets are synonymous with unmatched popularity on account of its superb power to control fevers. So feel free to buy Vadira antipyretic tablets online without any hesitation.

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