Buy Xovak Organic Brahmi Capsules (60caps) at Best Price Online
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Buy Xovak Organic Brahmi Capsules (60caps) at Best Price Online

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In Ayurveda, Brahmi has been used in various formulations to enhance Brain functions. It contains powerful antioxidants that help improve memory and the learning process. It protects the nerve cells from oxidative damages. It calms the mind, lessens stress, and promotes healthy sleep patterns. It also keeps the blood pressure under control.

Bacosides are the active component in Brahmi. It is composed of alkaloids, saponins, and sterols. It is useful in the enhancement of brain functions. It improves learning and thinking capacity. It helps in memory recollection. It also calms the mind and helps in focus. It lessens the anxiety levels and improves the quality of sleep. It neutralizes the free radical damage in diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc. It has anti-inflammatory actions. It reduces the symptoms of hyperactivity, poor self-control, and lack of attention in hyperactive kids. It is a potent nootropic herb. It is good for students, teachers, professionals, and the elderly alike.

Useful In:

- Improves focus and enhances memory

- Helps to lessen age-related nerve damage

- Brain Tonic

- Helps in anxiety and depression

- Regulates Blood pressure

- Protects Heart and Kidneys


- 2 capsules a day after food or as directed by your physician,

Product Details:

- 60 capsules

- 100% natural

- 100% vegetarian

- No side effects

Safety Information:

- Read the label carefully before use

- Store in a cool and dry place

- Keep away from direct sunlight

- Do not refrigerate​

Benefits as per the ailments

- Anxiety stress: Xovak Brahmi Capsule reduces stress and anxiety by lowering the levels of cortisol. It reduces the symptoms of depression and elevates mood.

- Anti-oxidant: Xovak Brahmi Capsule protects the nerve cells from oxidative damage and improves cellular health.

- Anti-inflammatory: Xovak Brahmi Capsule keeps the heart and kidneys in good health by protecting them from inflammatory damages and also assisting in healing the inflamed cells.

- Boosts brain functions: It improves visual focus, data collection, and retention. It also improves the processing of information and recollection.

- Hyperactive kids: Xovak Brahmi Capsule helps reduce the symptoms of restlessness, poor attention impulsive nature, and lack of self-control in ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder).

- Regulates the blood pressure: Xovak Brahmi Capsule dilates the blood vessels, enhances the blood flow in the vessels, and helps to lower the raised blood pressure.

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