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Buy Ras Aushadi/Bhasma Ayurvedic Medicine and Products Online at Best Price

Ras aushadi / Bhasma are unique and very important ayurvedic metallic or minerals preparation that are treated with herbal juice or decoction that has been known in Indian subcontinent since 7th century A.D. and are widely recommended for treatment of a variety of chronic ailments. Animal's derivative such as horns, shells, feathers, metallic, nonmetallic, and herbals have been in use and are normally administered as Bhasma. A Bhasma means an ash obtained by the process of incineration in which the starter material undergoes a vast process of purification and this process is followed by the reaction phase, which involves addition of some other minerals and herbal extract. There are various importance of Bhasma like maintaining optimum alkalinity for optimum health, neutralizing harmful acids that lead to illness. Bhasma are very useful as they do not get metabolized, hence they don’t produce any harmful metabolite, rather it breakdowns heavy metals in the body. Various benefits of using bhasma are;

-       Alleviates insomnia and depression

-       Keeps rhythmic heart beating

-       Helps metabolize iron in the body

-       Aids nervous system

-       Maintain stronger bones and healthier teeths

-       Provides easily absorbed and used calcium

-       Cleanse the kidneys, intestines and liver

-       Protects body from free radical activity

Different types or Ras aushadi / bhasma preparation offered by ayurveda mega store of different brands are ;

-       Unjha Loh Bhasma

-       Dabur Lauh Bhasma

-       Unjha Akik Bhasma

-       Unjha Bang Bhasma

-       Dabur Rajat Bhasma

-       Unjha Kasis Bhasma

-       Unjha Mukta Bhasma

-       Unjha Yasad Bhasma

-       Dabur Abhrak Bhasma

-       Dabur Heerak Bhasma

-       Dabur Shankh Bhasma

-       Unjha Mandur Bhasma

-       Unjha Shankh Bhasma

-       Baidyanath Loha Bhasma

-       Baidyanath Vang Bhasma