Buy Essenzaa Hispo Gel (Maximaa Proyurveda Hispo Gel) at Best Price Online
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Buy Essenzaa Hispo Gel (Maximaa Proyurveda Hispo Gel) at Best Price Online

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PRODUCT NAME:HISPO GEL PRODUCT BRIEF:Hispo Gel is created with the perfect blend of Probiotics and special Ayurvedic herbs Reduces sexual depression and elevates the mood,Increases sperm count and sperm motility,Revitalizes the body and builds stamina,Prevents premature ejaculation., vigor and vitality. INGREDIENTS AND BENEFITS: Ashwagandha- Powerful anti oxidant reported to have anti stress effect. Bala- Used as aphrodisiac. Increases quality and quantity of semen. Dalchini- High in anti oxidant activity. Jaiphal- Enhances sexual performance, vigor and vitality. Betal Leaf- Used as an aromatic stimulant and beneficial in the treatment of nervous exhaustion. Jyotishmati- Powerful stimulant for nervous system. Lavang- Prevents premature ejaculation. Kavach- Useful in increasing sperm count. Akarkara- Motivates intimate urge and rejuvenates. INDICATIONS: Helps in: Erectile Dysfunction,Premature ejaculation, DOSAGE: Gently rub about 1 gm of Gel on Glans Penis, one hour before sexual interaction. (For external use only) PACKAGING: 30gm MANUFACTURER: Maximaa Proyurveda

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