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Buy Jolly Fat Go Slimming Capsules at Best Price Online

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Jolly Fat-Go capsule is a unique ayurvedic formulation with natural herbs. it keeps the body fit & lean, corrects dugestion & metabolism and helpful for weight management. Jolly Fat-Go capsule corrects the metabolism of the body . so that all the dhatus get proper nourishment . Make body over all healthy and disease free. Increases immunity , reduces cholesterol levels and provides energy to all the cells. This medicine is launched after exhaustive research by a team of experts after verification at every levels and is result oriented . In ayurveda, this condition is called medoroga. Obesity is caused by excessive fat accumulation in the subcutaneous tissues of the body especially on the belly, buttocks, breasts and thighs. It leads to serious health hazard affecting the functions of vital organs like heart, liver and kidneys. It give way to silent killer like diabetes, hypertension , coronary artery disease , dyslipidemia , kidney failure , fatty liver which in turn lead to liver failure, brain stroke etc. Ingredients Indian Name Latin Name Qty Vilayati imli extract Garcinia cambodia 100 mg Green Tea extract Camellia sinsensis 65 mg Pineapple extract Ananas sativus 50 mg Dalchinni extract Cinnamomum Cassia 15 mg Tulsi extract Ocimum sanctum 25 mg Guggul extract Commiphora mukul 35 mg Methi extract Trigonella foenum 20 mg Gul Banafsa extract viola odorata 25 mg Kokum extract Garcinia Purpurea 30 mg Nagarmotha Powder Cyperus rotundus 15 mg Triphla Powder Terminalia chebula Terminalia belerica Emblica Officinalis 1.1.1 Kulthi Powder Dolichos biflorus 20 mg Gurmar Powder Gymnema sylvestre 15 mg Sonth Powder Zingiber officinale 20 mg Chitraka Powder Plumbago zeylanica 20 mg Excipients Q.S Each Capsule contains Amla - its is antioxidant , supports liver , helps in proper digestion. Gul banafsha - it strengthen body , reduces fatty accumulations from blood , and improves digestive fire. Harrar - its is tonic for intestines, natural cleanser of body, detoxifies cells. Baheda - it is tonic that aids in process if digestion , and supports liver also. Chitrakmool - it helps in burning of fat naturally, improve digestive fire. Kali ziri - it noramlises sugar in body, reduces fat content in body. Saunth - excellent digestive tonic , make metabolism faster hence aid in fat reduction. Anantmool - purifies blood remove all toxins of blood , increase the effect of medicine. Punarnava - reduces water retention in the body, liver tonic , improves digestion. Shilajeet - it has natural property of fat reduction, reduces water retention, reduces weight naturally. Reason : Intake of excessive calories Complete lack of physical exercise In rare cases, disturbances of thyroid or pituitary glands Excessive and regular consumption of alcohol Inappropriate dietary habits Symptoms : Abnormal girth and extra weight which hinders normal life activity. Makes prone to many diseases as diabetes , hypertension , dyslipidemia etc. Breathlessness, even on slightest exertion. Development of asthmatic tendencies Dosage : 2 Capsules twice in a day with lukewarm water before regularly for intial 12 week or as directed by the physican. Maintenance Dose : One Capsules twice daily with lukewarm water before meal, as long as desired. COURSE : 90 Days RESULT : After 20 Days Result may vary on differents patients due to different body constitution, life style and different / stage of disease.

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