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Dysmenorrhea - Buy Best in Quality Dysmenorrhea Products Online

Dysmenorrhoea is the medical term for pain associated with period or menstrual cramps. There are two types of dysmenorrhea: primary and secondary.

-       Primary dysmenorrhea is the name for common menstrual cramps that come back over and over again and aren’t due to other diseases. Pain usually begins one or two days before you get your period. One may feel pain ranging from mild to severe in the lower abdomen, back or thighs.

Pain can typically last 12 to 72 hours, and you might have other symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and even diarrhea. Common menstrual cramps may become less painful as you get older and may stop entirely if you have a baby.

-       If you have painful periods because of a disorder or an infection in your female reproductive organs, it is called secondary dysmenorrhea. Pain from secondary dysmenorrhea usually begins earlier in the menstrual cycle and lasts longer than common menstrual cramps. Menstrual pain from secondary dysmenorrhea is a result of problems with the reproductive organs.

Conditions that can cause cramping include:

-       Endometriosis: A condition in which the tissue lining the uterus is found outside of the uterus. Because these pieces of tissue bleed during your period, they can cause swelling, scarring and pain.

-       Adenomyosis: A condition where the lining of the uterus grows into the muscle of the uterus. This condition can cause the uterus to get much bigger than it should be, along with abnormal bleeding and pain.

-       Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID): An infection caused by bacteria that starts in the uterus and can spread to other reproductive organs. PID can cause pain in the stomach or pain during sex.

-       Cervical stenosis: Narrowing of the cervix, or the opening to the uterus.

-       Fibroids (benign tumors): Growths on the inside, outside or in the walls of the uterusIf you have painful periods.

Women bear a lot of pain during menstruation but the pain generally increases if there is an underlying condition attached to it like dysmenorrhoea. Ayurveda megastore provides the patients with ayurvedic medicines to deal with this condition ;

-      Dhootapapeshwar Stree Vyadhihari Rasa

-       Pravek Suvarn Kalp

-       Aimil Amycordial Syrup

-       Alarsin Aloes Compound

-       Baidyanath Ashokarishta

-       Baidyanath Tankan Bhasma

-       Zandu Raja Pravartini Vati

-       Baidyanath Nashtpuspantak Ras

-       Baidyanath Rajapravartani Bati

-       Baidyanath Ashokarishta (SSpecial