Dr JRK Siddha Acne Fight Cream
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Dr JRK Siddha Acne Fight Cream

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Acne fight Creem (JRK Siddha EVE FRESH PIMPLE CURE CREAM) 

Indications : Pimples (acne) , Darkened skin around the neck and Seborrhea Composition : Each 5 gm contains extracts of : Ocimum basilicum 2 % Aloevera 0.2% Cream base QS Mechanism of Action : Fights comedogenic formation Fights against Acne causing microbes Enhances exfoliation and desquamation Opens up pores of the skin Usage/Application : Apply Evefresh pimple cure cream paste over the face and neck, spread even and allow it dry. Once the skin dries, wash the face gently and apply Eve fresh cream. Repeat this procedure twice a day. Continue usage every day until pimples completely subside. Once the pimples are cured, continue the use of eve fresh pimple cure cream paste thrice a week and continue the use of Eve fresh cream twice a day regularly for a bright and smooth skin. Benefits of the product : Targeted activity against microbes that cause acne Removes skin clogging and occlusion. Prevents desquamation and increases exfoliation of dead Even tone and topography of skin Sun protection Sebum free blemishes free appearance of the skin Presentation : Eve fresh pimple cure cream paste is presented in 15 gm tubes. Contraindications : There are no known contra-indications.

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