Buy Dr JRK Siddha Pesin Capsule at Best Price Online
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Buy Dr JRK Siddha Pesin Capsule at Best Price Online

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JRK's Pesin Capsules 

Indications : Immune modulator for psoriasis and immune deficiency disorders. Composition : Each 500mg capsule contains extract of : Smilax chinensis 100 mg Embelia ribes 100 mg Withania somnifera 125 mg Elettaria cardamomum 100 mg Conch turbinella – rapa parpam 50 mg Linga Chenduram 1 mg Excipients QS Mechanism of Action : It helps in T- helper cell proliferation and protection. Enhances and helps to maintain immune surveillance and protection. Dosage/Application : Adults: One capsule in morning and two capsules at night after food. Children: Above 10 yrs.: one capsule a day after food. Benefits of the product : Improves the quality of life of Psoriasis patients. Offers disease resistance. Presentation : Pesin capsules were presented in 10x10 blister packing, Now, In new packing, it is coming in Tablet Form. 

Contraindications : There are no known contra-indications.

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