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Buy Dr. Patkar's KadhaT at Best Price Online

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Dr. Patkar's KadhaT

• Giloy- It is natural Anti-pyretic

• Helps with issues like cough and cold.

• Yashtimadu- Keeps respiratory track healthy.

• Age old remedy for sore throat. Immuno modulator.

• Ashwagandha- Improves the body's defense against diseases. Protects against cellulose damage.

• Ginger- It is Anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial.

• Clove- Good against dry cough and throat irritation.

• Tulsi- Works to keep gut healthy which in turn strengthens immunity.

• Easy to make.

• Instant and easy to carry.

• Protects from cough, cold, and flu.

• Ashwagandha in Kadha T protect against a lot of viral infections as it has the active component Withanone.

• Mulethi helps singers to clear their voice and gives a soothing effect to the throat.

• It contains extracts of all the ingredients so few drops can be enough.

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