Finding a learned and experienced Ayurvedic doctor is very difficult and everyone is not lucky enough to get a learned & qualified Ayurvedic specialist in their proximity. Medicines or Ayurvedic products prescribed by unqualified and inexperienced doctor can be hazardous to well-being and can put adverse effect on our health.We understand the gravity of this problem and have number of experienced, qualified BAMS doctors on our panel to help our customer with all types of medical & medicinal issues. Ayurveda Megastore is committed to give best services to our customers and hence have made the schedule of our doctors in such a way that doctors are available round the clock for you. Ayurveda Megastore & its doctors also understand their responsibility & obligation for the society and hence this consultation is absolutely free for our customers. We are committed to cure the pain, agony& diseases of mankind with the proven power of Ayurveda.

Please call our helpline number +91 9810908546 to get free consultation any time. Please remember that an experienced& qualified Ayureda specialists now just a call away!!!