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Hair loss is something that affects both men and women. When it does occur, hair loss can be very distressing for most people. Part of this is a result of the modern-day occupation with looking our best, and feeling that we are judged by our looks and some of it is the fact that we are used to our hair.

With this in mind, Vadira Lavender Shampoo is an out of this world herbal shampoo that fights against all kinds of hair problems and disorders. It fortifies hair follicles and controls hair fall. This shampoo like other shampoos made by Vadira is made from four natural herbs viz. Aparajita flower, apple, rosemary flower and lavender flower, which collectively help in fortifying hair from their roots and hence put a stop to their untimely and unreasonable falling. The herbs also nourish the hair root from within in which in turn compensate for any lack responsible for causing hair loss. This herbal shampoo works like magic in getting rid of dandruff and dryness from the scalp. With the regular application of Vadira Lavender Shampoo, it is possible to overcome all types of itching, irritation or burning sensation on the skin of the scalp. This unrivalled shampoo also contributes greatly to the growth of healthy hair. Let us take a look at all these herbs in brief that are used in preparing this best-selling Vadira Lavender Shampoo:


Aparajita flower

Aparajita has been in usage since ancient times for treating baldness and hair fall. It also improves blood circulation and nourishes hair from within.


Apple offers manifold benefits to its consumers. For example, consuming the fruit helps in dealing with problems about hair fall, dry scalp, dandruff, helps in long hair, makes hair long and black, prevents and removes grey hairs.

Rosemary flower

The flower puts an end to all your hair concerns. It treats thinning hair brilliantly, enhances the volume of your hair locks and deals with dandruff. Furthermore, the flower oil is helpful in hair growth and cure alopecia.

Lavender flower

Lavender flower kills hair lice, promotes hair growth, treats baldness. It also helps in preventing general scalp issues such as the itchy scalp, dandruff, and infections.


Vadira Lavender shampoo, as already said above, is the combination of several wonderful herbs that altogether work in promoting healthy hair and deal with all types of hair disorders.

1. It promotes hair growth and reduces the greying of hair.

2. The shampoo, being mild and soothing, helps in improving blood circulation.

3. The shampoo also promotes hair growth.

4. It stimulates hair follicles.

5. It prevents premature greying of hair.

• Minimizes hair dandruff problems

• Contains no harsh chemicals, no sulfites, no parabens


For best results, wet hair, massage hair cleanser gently and retain the rich lather for one or two minutes.

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