Buy J & J Dechane Entrops Oil at Best Price Online

Buy J & J Dechane Entrops Oil at Best Price Online

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J & J Dechane Entrops Oil 


Effective bactericidal local antiseptic with analgesic action. For local application in ear, nose, throat and gums.

NOTE: Not to be used for the eyes.


Each 100 g contains:

Eucalyptus Oil - 1.14 g.

Camphor - 0.23 g.

Vegetable oil base - q.s.

Preservative: Phenol


Infections of the mouth and throat including tonsillitis , pharyngitis.

Infections of the gums and buccal mucous membrane, in dental caries.

As a drop in the ear or nose.

As an application in infected wounds and abscess.


Every 3 hours by a pledget of cotton wool.

As a drop : 1-2 drops every 2-3 hours.

As a dressing : Cotton packs soaked may be applied every 4 hours.

Store in a cool place, away from light. Shake well before use.


Bottle of 50 ml.

Bottle of 100 ml.

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