Buy J & J Dechane Spolax - E Powder at Best Price Online
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Buy J & J Dechane Spolax - E Powder at Best Price Online

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j & J Dechane  Spolax - E Powder


Fibre Supplement, Laxative, and Carminative. Its high fibre content without sugar makes it safe for diabetic use. 


Each 5.6 gm. Contains:

Spogel (Isapgula testa) - 3.71 g.

Saunf (Foeniculum vulgare) - 0.140 g.

Jeera (Cuminum cyminum) - 0.028 g.


Isapgula derived from the husk of mucilaginous seeds absorbs water and has a remarkable power of absorbing bacterial and other toxins. The action is purely mechanical in producing smooth semisolid stool.

Saunf and Jeera are aromatics, carminatives. It is given for the treatment of flatulence. 


Habitual constipation due to spastic colon, dietary insufficiency, lack of exercise; constipation in the elderly, childhood, bed-ridden patients. Affords immediate relief to sufferers of piles by aiding painless evacuation of the bowels.

Spolax-E is safe in management of constipation and can be used in Pregnancy safely.

In Diabetic and Cardiac Patients to reduce cholesterol levels.


Adults: 1 to 3 Teaspoons put in a dry glass, add water, stir and drink immediately, and drink extra glass of water.


Pack of 125 Gms

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