Buy Aayushalaya AB 25 - Male Care Kit at Best Price Online

Buy Aayushalaya AB 25 - Male Care Kit at Best Price Online

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Male Care Kit - Sexual Health, Energy, Stamina & Endurance Complete Solution

Aayushalya AB-25 Male Care Kit consists of AB-25 AyuPrash made up of Natural Herbs, AB-25 Syrup and AB-25 Herbal Capsules. AB-25 Male Care Kit is a reservoir of Benefits. AB-25 Male Care Kit has many definitions such as energy booster, Rejuvenator, Health tonic, Anti –Oxidant, Anti- Stress, Anti-Aging, Natural Aphrodisiac and Immunity Booster. AB-25 Male care Kit also positively influences male physiology, promoting strength and endurance. Aayushalya AB-25 Male Care Kit consists of natural Herbs which help in maintaining quality of life by improving overall functions of body. Aayushalya AB-25 Male Care Kit helps to prevent the infertility in males by increasing sperm count.

Aayushalya Ayu Prash: One heaped scoop in morning with breakfast preferably with warm milk.

Aayushalya AB-25 Syrup: 1 teaspoon twice a day, after breakfast & after dinner 30 minutes before going to bed.

Aayushalya AB-25 capsules: One capsule in morning after breakfast and one at night after meals, 30 minutes prior to bed with water or warm milk.

§  Optimizes sexual health & stamina with better, longer lasting, and more satisfying sex.

§  Prevent the infertility by increasing sperm count

§  Scientifically advanced herbal combination formula.

§  Natural ingredients & great rejuvenating herbs.

§  Improves body tone eliminating excess body fat.

§  Promotes hormonal balancing.

§  Increases overall energy, stamina, and endurance.

§  Treat erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation.

°Non-prescription – safe & trusted alternative. °Recommended for Daily Use

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