Buy Param Anand Gold at Best Price Online

Buy Param Anand Gold at Best Price Online

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Param Anand Gold - Reignite your Passion

Param anand Gold is a unique combination of high quality herbal extracts that helps restore and re-ignite the lost male libido. This most extraordinary and potent natrual sex enhancer helps increase sexual desire, erectile power and cures premature ejaculation. Its powerful herbal ingredients work effectively and increases sperm count and motility.

Erectile dysfunction can lead to performance failure. Param Anand gold capsules and Param anand Power Charge Oil restore the lost penile functions and gives stronger, harder and longer erections. It ignites the lost passion and romance in life and makes you achieve a new level of ecstacy and satisfaction.

Women loves Param Anand Gold for its supreme efficacy and Men are able to satisfy the women for longer duration and achieve complete stronger orgasm for extra passionate love.

Sex is an important fabric of life and lack of sex can devastate one's life. Param Anand Gold has been designed to increase the sexual functioning in male's making them more potent, increasing their sexual stamina, vigour and vitality.

Param Anand Gold Kit works on following Male Sexual Problems

  • Erectile Dysfunction – Age, health prolems and psychological effects lead to loss of erection in male. Param Anand Gold Kit fixes this problem and enables one to achieve complete, stronger erections

  • Premature Ejaculation – Early discharge is one of the biggest problems in males. Param Anand Gold is a boon for men suffering from early discharge problem. It helps you satisfy your partner completely and enjoy sex like never before.

  • Low Sperm Count and Motility – Many males today suffer from low sperm count and motility. Param Anand Gold’s unique combination enhances sperm count and motility making men more potent.

  • Reduced libido and sex desire – Param Anand Gold enhances sexual desire in males and makes them more sexually active.

Param Anand Gold Complete Package contains

  • Param Anand Granules –  Adviced to take 1 tsp twice a day with luke warm water or milk. Its unique taste makes it easy to take and its unmatched efficacy makes in favourite among men

  • Param Anand Gold Capsules  - Take 1 capsule twice a day with luke warm water or milk. Param Anand Gold capsule contains ingredients like siddha makardhwaj , shilajeet , vidhara that enhances the sexual power and gives harder, longer and stronger erections to achieve complete and more than satisfactory results

  • Param Anand Power Charge Oil – To be applied locally. 2 drops of Param Anand Power Charge Oil massaged regularly on penis increases the  sexual power and helps treat Erectile dysfunction.

Key Ingredients of Param Anand Gold Kit

  • Safed Musli: Sex stimulator, rejuvenates and excellent aphrodisiac. (Ref Text: Sahasrayogam, Shrangadhara Samhita , Bhyshajya Rathnavali)

  • Kapikachu: Improves sperm count and motility . (Ref Text: Shrangadhara Samhita, Sahasrayogam)

  • Aswagandha: A well known sexual stimulant and power booster that has been used for generations  (Ref Text : Bhavanihandu, Sahasrayogam, Bhyshajya Rathnavali)

  • Gokhuru : Increases sperm count. (Ref. Text: Ashtangahridayam, Sahasrayogam, Bhyshajya Ratnavali)

  • Vidhara : Acts on increasing semen volume & sperm count. Improves erections(Ref. Text: Ashtangahridayam, Sahasrayogam)

  • Javitri and Jaiphal: Prevents early ejaculation and good intoxicator. It acts as a powerful sexual stimulant also. (Ref. Text: Sahasrayogam, Bhyshajya Rathnavali)

  • Shilajeet: All round sex enhancer. It increases immunity of the human body and prevent from diseases.. (Ref. Text: ahasrayogam, Bhavanihandu, Bhyshajya Rathnavali).

  • Siddha Makardhwaj – An age old preparation using Gold Bhasma makes it extra potent and improves sexual power and libido

  • Kesar – Enhances the libido and sexual desire in males.

Param Anand Gold is a tested formula that is completely safe for  all age groups. Param Anand Gold has the real power of ayurvedic sexual stimulants to regain your pride, power, passion, libido, vigour and vitality.

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