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Buy Xovak Ayurvedic Vitakyor Ayurvedic at Best Price Online

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Xovak Vitakyor Tablets has herbs that have Rasayana property. These herbs provide essential micronutrients at the cellular level, help rejuvenate the body, and defy the aging process. The herbs help prevent damage due to free radicals and minimize the process of oxidative stress. The functions of the cells improve and the overall health is also enhanced. This formulation is useful to promote immunity, and tackle mental stress and anxiety. It promotes physical strength, increases stamina and good energy, and prevents fatigue and lethargy. It also improves metabolism and eliminates toxins from the body. It also helps improve eyesight and supports hair and skin health. It acts as an adaptogen and improves the body’s ability to address external and internal stressors effectively. It also improves the hemoglobin levels, relieves the symptoms of hyperacidity, and is gentle on the stomach. It helps keep cholesterol and blood sugar under control. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and promotes joint health. It helps delay the effects of aging.

Vitamins are considered one of the most important components. They all have a crucial role in the well-being of an individual. Besides carrying out important cellular functions they are also needed to maintain health. It is important to have adequate levels of these vitamins as the deficiency can lead to various signs and symptoms like lethargy, weakness, dry skin and rashes, tongue ulcers, depression, irritability, bowel irregularity, anemia, numbness in the extremities associated with tingling, prone to infections, etc. With the variety of functions that vitamins have, it is necessary to maintain their supply on the daily basis to ensure the proper growth, repair, and development of the cells and tissues, keep the functions of the immune system good, heal the wound, have sufficient iron, and maintain the skin, bone, teeth, hair, nails and cartilage health, keep the organs function well, etc. Xovak Vitakyor Tablets is one such formula that has all the herbs to replenish the body with the essential micronutrients, help keep the free radicals under control, promote liver health, improve metabolism, detoxify the body, lessen inflammation, improve the defense system to fight infections, and seasonal allergies, keep the cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar under check, relieve the body from stress and anxiety, promote good sleep. and improve metabolic functions. Thus, it supports general well-being and good mental health.

Useful In:

- Enhance Emotional Wellbeing

- Boosts Immunity

- Protects the body from free radical damages and various infections

- Promotes Metabolism

- Delays Aging

- Help keep good Physical strength


- 2 Tablets a day after food or as directed by your physician.

Product Details:

- 60 Tablets

- 100% natural

- 100% vegetarian

- No side effects

Safety Information:

- Read the label carefully before use

- Store in a cool and dry place

- Keep away from direct sunlight

- Do not refrigerate.

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