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Vedantika Anti Acne Mask

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Vedantika Anti Ageing Mask

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Vedantika Organic Amla Candy

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Vedantika Panchamrita Energy Drink

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Vedantika Rose Sandal Face Wash

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Vedantika Thandai Milk Shake

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Vedantika Herbals - Buy Best in Quality Vedantika Herbals Products Online

Summary:- Vedantika Herbals is a leading manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicine and products that provide authentic, ayurvedic herbal medicines. Vedantika Herbals offers various medicinal plants, herbs and other natural ingredients which have been used for centuries to cure common ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and many more. All the products are manufactured by following strict quality standards with a commitment to provide the highest level of service to its customers. Vedantika Herbals manufactures a wide range of ayurvedic medicines from powders to tablets and capsules in different sizes according to customer needs so you can buy Vedantika's best herbal medicine online at affordable prices. You can also buy their products online from AyurvedaMegastore online pharmacy. 

About Vedantika herbals Company

Vedantika herbals is a gathering of researchers and Researchers, making Innovative food products and authentic Ayurvedic items for complete Health and Beauty Care. Vedantika Herbals has believed in marrying the curative powers of Ancient Indian wisdom with the latest technological innovation to accomplish natural yet cutting-edge products. It is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2011 guaranteed organization which was established in 1997. It is trying to be a trustworthy and innovative global leader by providing true Natural products without any harmful chemicals, or color or flavor for conscious healthy living. Vedantika herbals value customers' right to good Health and belief that Mother Earth provides healing and goodness in myriad ways.

Vedantika Herbals also provides ayurvedic treatment for various common diseases. Check the below article to know about the list of the Top Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Medicine and Products to Buy Online at Low Prices. Check out our list of the top ten best Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic medicine products that are available online for purchase at low prices, plus discounts you won’t want to miss. With so many options on the market today it can be hard knowing which ones will work best for your needs. That's why we've compiled this handy guide with some of our favorite picks from brands like Himalaya, Patanjali, Dabur, and more. Whether you're looking for a daily supplement or just something to help manage your stress levels, find what you need below.

Top Rated Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Medicine and Products to Buy Online

The Vedantika Herbals product line is widely acclaimed throughout the Ayurvedic community as one of the best on the market. They were founded in 1979 and have been dedicated to making natural, scientifically-sound products that are also affordable to provide customers with a profitable business model. Their goal is to offer quality at an honest price, creating healthy goods through ethical and sustainable processes. The company uses strict standards for their suppliers, materials, manufacturing processes, good manufacturing practices (GMP), testing and testing equipment. All facilities are registered with the appropriate governmental agencies and all employees are subject to drug tests at any time during their employment.

All herbs from India can be used only if they meet very stringent qualifications. Manufacturing takes place under the highest standards of GMP to ensure that every product created is to pharmaceutical grade quality. Vedantika strives to make products at very affordable prices so they can be used as widely as possible. They produce over 200 products, with a majority of them being in tablet or capsule form for simplicity.

Vedantika Herbals is one of the top Vedic Medicines, which has been derived from Ayurveda. The consumption of these medicines can bring a great change in our health and life. In this article, we will list out some best products that Vedantika manufactures. Hope it will help you to choose one for your family as well as for your own self.

1)Vedantika Hridayam Drops (Indian Ginseng / Ashwagandha)

An amazing combination of Indian ginseng and Ashwagandha that brings wonderful benefits for the body. It helps us to increase physical strength and stamina by improving blood circulation. It also reduces stress and levels by producing neurotransmitter GABA, which calms down the mind. Combination of these two herbs reduces fatigue and brings a feeling of well-being in our body.

Ingredients: Indian Ginseng – 200 mg, Ashwagandha - 200mg

Dosage: 2 drops twice daily with plain water or as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor.

2)Vedantika Bhringraj Oil (Babchi / Bhringaraj)

It is an amazing combination of babchi (babchangai) oil & bhringraj that relieves stress and tension. It can calm down the mind and increase concentration power for children, students and professionals. This oil also helps to improve hair health, reduce dandruff and split-ends in hair.

Ingredients:- Babchi (babchangai) – 400mg, Bhringraj - 200mg

Dosage:- 10ml twice daily with plain water or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor

3)Vedantika Balam Oil (Guggul / Indian Bedellium)

An amazing combination of guggul and bibhitaki that improves the immune system and reduces cholesterol levels in blood. As a result our body becomes strong enough to fight diseases without any help from medicines. This oil helps to reduce weight as well as it has anti-inflammatory properties. It also boosts the function of endocrine glands such as thyroid, pancreas, pituitary etc., which generally reduces our dependency on medicines.

Ingredients:- Guggul – 200mg, Bibhitaki - 200mg

Dosage:- 10ml twice daily with plain water or as directed by an Ayurvedic doctor.

4)Vedantika Kutajam Gum (Arogya / Khadira)

This gum is one of the best products that Vedantika manufactures. It can be used to protect us from heart diseases as it removes plaque deposits from blood vessels. In addition, this gum also helps us to maintain healthy cholesterol and triglycerides levels in blood. Generally, it reduces the risk of having a heart attack drastically.

Ingredients: Arogya – 200mg, Khadira - 200mg

Dosage: 1-2 gm daily with plain water or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor

5)Vedantika Godanti Hadtalum (Gokshura / Trigonella foenum-graecum)

An amazing combination of Gokshura and fenugreek seeds increases sex drive in men as well as women. It also helps us to increase muscle mass without any side effects. In addition, it is an anti-inflammatory herb that reduces joint pain and swelling in the body. It balances the level of hormones in the body naturally and eases our dependency on medicines.

6)Vedantika anti acne mask

Vedantika anti-acne mask is a traditional and natural preparation which helps in dealing with acne problems. Apart from dealing with active acne, Vedantika anti-acne face pack used regularly prevents the recurrence of pimples by keeping the pores free from dirt and dust. Highly effective on acne marks, Vedantika anti-acne face pack is prepared with ingredients that help fade away pigmentation caused by pimples.

7)Vedantika anti ageing mask

Made up of 100% natural ingredients, this anti-ageing face pack is enriched with the goodness of herbs and enhances skin's beauty to perform better. It is a unique herbal formula that works well for all skin types.

8)Vedantika instant glow mask

Get instant glow with Vedantika Instant Glow Mask. This is a natural product that contains herbal extracts. This is an Ayurvedic product which makes your face shine instantly within a few minutes of application. It immediately removes impurities and excess oil from the pores, resulting in cleaner and healthier skin. All the ingredients are 100% natural which keeps skin healthy and glowing for a long period of time. The minerals present in this mask give nourishing effects to your skin by strengthening blood vessels and capillaries under the surface of your skin, thus improving microcirculation and giving you a fairer looking complexion without any side effects on health or skin. The best part about this mask is its anti-aging properties which make it a one stop solution for all types of skin issues.

The fruit of Emblica officinalis, one of the important ingredients of this mask is considered to be anti-inflammatory and also antioxidant in property which inhibits free radicals responsible for skin damage (such as wrinkles). It rejuvenates skin by improving capillary circulation. It also provides a protective effect from sunburn and reduces the risk of cancerous growths. Vitamin C present in this mask protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause several types of infection, inflammation and even cancer through antioxidants. Power packed with nutrients like Vitamin A & E, this herbal formula prevents premature aging, ageing spots, diminishing complexion etc without any side effects.

9)Vedantika lemon grass face wash

The Vedantika lemon grass face wash is a gentle cleanser that removes dirt, oil and impurities with its mild yet effective formulation. It contains extracts of lemon peel and turmeric which help cleanse pores for a clear skin tone. It also helps remove makeup without irritating the skin. Good product. Great for perimenopausal and menopausal acne.

10)Vedantika lemon grass shampoo

It is made from lemon grass extracts. Lemon grass shampoo helps to fight hair fall, dandruff and breakage of the hair roots. It makes the scalp clean, nourished and vitalised. All these properties make it suitable for all kinds of hair conditions like dryness, dullness etc.

11)Vedantika neem tulsi shampoo

The Vedantika Neem Tulsi Hair Cleanser is a gentle shampoo for daily use in maintaining clean scalp and healthy hair. Neem tulsi has an excellent germicidal activity and inhibits the growth of harmful microbes on the skin. This soap free shampoo with it's unique rich creamy lather gently cleanses, conditions your scalp and hair without harsh chemicals creating a soothing effect on the body & mind.

12)Vedantik rose sandal face wash

Vedantik rose sandal face wash is an Ayurvedic face cleanser for all types of skins. It removes dirt from pores & makes skin fresh, soft and clear with regular usage. Non-oily and no soapy base helps to remove tanning. It's a perfect combination of knowledge and modern technologies.

13)Vedantika skin polishing scrub

This is used in many ayurvedic spas and for skin treatment. Vedantika Herbals Skin polishing scrub contains the goodness of Indian herbs which nourish, moisturize and revitalize your skin. This herbal scrub helps to improve blood circulation, removes dead cells, rejuvenates the skin making it fairer and glowing. Helps fight acne and pimples as well as improves the overall texture of the skin. Improves complexion by removing excess oil & dirt from the topmost layer of your skin. This Vedantika Herbals product contains extracts of turmeric that reduce pigmentation and blemishes on your face giving you even toned flawless glowing skin free from blemishes & acne scars.

14)Vedantika ubtan

An all natural body scrub that works wonders for your skin. Vedantika ubtan is prepared using herbs and minerals like wheat flour, turmeric powder, oil etc. The best part about this scrub is that it can be prepared at home by using the mentioned ingredients in the right proportions. 

This pack claims to improve the quality of your skin by removing the dead cells from the top layer of epidermis and regenerating new cell layers smoothly. It enhances blood circulation and leaves your skin glowing with a healthy texture. Regular usage will get rid of those nasty blackheads on the nose & other parts of the face too. Doesn't acne prone skin look forward to these benefits?

15)Vedantika rose petals milk shake

Vedantika rose petals milk shake enriched with pure ghee is a tasty drink for all age groups. Vedantika fresh, pure natural herbs and spices are used to prepare these milkshakes. It can be taken alone or along with any meal without having any side effects.

16)Vedantika amla energy drink

This is one of the very important Vedantika herbal medicines which is used as a natural energy drink. Using this product will improve your immunity power and daily life. It helps your skin to glow, removes toxins from liver, heart, stomach etc. This Vedantika amla energy drink after the regular use of 2 months makes you healthy.

17)Vedantika instant spinach soup (tri pack)

For healthy and glowing skin. Vedantika instant spinach soup (tri pack) contains Indian spinach extract and prune juice that is rich in minerals, vitamins and iron. Indian spinach extract contains vitamin A, C, E & K along with antioxidants such as beta-carotenes. Prune juice makes your skin brighter thanks to its high content of antioxidants.

It is useful in early aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines and grey hair due to oxidative stress caused by free radicals. It also boosts the collagen production responsible for making your skin tight & elastic while slowing down the natural course of ageing process.

18)Vedantika instant sweet corn soup (tri pack)

This is a tri pack of Vedantika instant sweet corn soup that contains 100 g. It contains all the benefits of sweet corn-like carotene, minerals and essential nutrients.

It can be taken anytime in the day to enjoy its numerous benefits. Tri-pack of Vedantika Instant Sweet Corn Soup (100g).

19)Vedantika instant tomato soup(tri-pack)

Vedantika instant tomato soup (tri pack) is 100% natural and full of vitamins. It's a ready-to-use solution that needs no cooking or heating. This soup can be used to feed babies, children, and adults alike. It is totally free of any chemicals or preservatives. Kids will surely love it as it tastes great. It is a great protein drink that serves the purpose of both meals and supplements. This instant tomato soup provides nutrition in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibers.

The ingredients used in its preparation are organic so there won't be any side effects to worry about. Vedantika instant tomato soup comes with 15 servings per pack thus making it ideal for large families also where all members eat together. One packet contains sufficient amounts for an entire family meal as they come in wholesale packs.

20)Vedantika karela soup tri pack

This tri-pack is a perfect combination for healthy living. It contains Karela Soup (Box of 10's), Karela Capsule (Box of '30s) and Bitter Gourd (Bottle of 200ml). This Vedantika Herbals product helps to strengthen the immune system, increases stamina, and enhances physical strength.

21)Vedantika lemon ginger energy drink

It contains natural & organic ingredients. It makes you feel energetic, fresh and healthy. There are no side effects of this formula. If you are looking for a natural energy drink that is free from caffeine then Vedantika lemon ginger energy drink is the best choice for you.

Vedantika lemon ginger energy drink will uplift your mood without giving any adverse effect on health. It has many other benefits such as it improves digestion, treats constipation, and helping in the detoxification process of the body. It also controls joint pain, muscle cramps etc.

22)Vedantika organic amla candy

A delicious way to enjoy the goodness of amla. It is a tasty organic candy made from the extract of fresh and healthy Amla fruit, providing the nutrients in a concentrated form that are present in an unprocessed fruit. It is rich in vitamin C that fights against common colds and other infections.

This Vedantika organic amla candy is 100% natural, vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan. It doesn't contain any artificial flavors or colors and no preservatives have been used in it either.

23)Vedantika panchamrita energy drink - Vedantika Herbals

Vedantika panchamrita energy drink is a herbal dietary supplement designed to be taken once daily. The formula has been clinically tested on many people and proved very effective in bringing back the lost vim and vigour within days of use. Although based upon ancient ayurvedic wisdom, this product contains some of the most modern nutrients like vitamin B12, Calcium-d-glucarate, etc.

In order to remain healthy, it's important to keep up the level of these nutrients in our body at optimum levels. Vegan and gluten-free, Vedantika panchamrita energy can be given to all age groups without any concerns for side effects or interactions with other medicine/supplements.

24)Vedantika shashatmrita energy drink


-amla fruit extract 100mg/ml.

-ocean pearl 15mg/ml.

-triphala 15mg/ml .

-shilajit 5mg/ml.

-vitamin C as calcium ascorbate 50mg/tsp, citric acid qs 100 percent as a stabilizer, stevia powder 300 ppm(as sweetener), flavors qs 1000ppm, sodium benzoate (a preservative) qs 200 ppm, potassium sorbate (a preservative) 10 ppm and purified water qsp 100 ml.

Vedantika shashatmrita energy drink is an ayurvedic energy drink. Promotes immunity and longevity by supporting natural antioxidants production, improving digestion and rejuvenating the body with shilajit.

Promotes immune response in the body and enhances cellular health with ocean pearl, a mineral-rich micro-organism that fights fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion from stressful lifestyles to promote energy levels.

Rejuvenates the body by nourishing the glandular system with triphala which also improves digestive power to aid the assimilation of nutrients for cell regeneration. Ocean pearl has a high concentration of nucleic acid that helps reduce stress-related symptoms like sleeplessness and lack of appetite etc while improving overall wellbeing. Shilajit contains vital nutrients such as selenium, zinc, iron magnesium, calcium carbonate.

Conclusion paragraph: Vedantika Herbals is an Indian company that manufactures and sells Ayurvedic medicines. The best products from this brand for online purchase are listed below in the order of importance, followed by a brief description of what they can be used to treat or cure. The Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Medicine and Products are a must-have for anyone interested in healing themselves naturally. We hope you've enjoyed our list of the Top products to buy online at low prices, as well as all the other articles on this blog that can help guide your purchase decision.