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Buy Vadira Uterine Capsule at Best Price Online

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Vadira’s Uterine Capsules are the ayurvedic proprietary medicine and are purposefully manufactured for managing women’s health particularly during the critical time of every month. These capsules deal with all uterine related women problems such as leucorrhoea, post-menopause syndrome, menstrual cramps and pain. These capsules made of herbal ingredients entirely, therefore, contribute mightily in helping women maintain a healthy and active lifestyle whilst giving them relief from the abdominal pain, pelvic pain and weakness.


  • Serve as a women’s health curative
  • Help in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Treat leucorrhea, abdominal and pelvic pain
  • Give great relief during menstruation and post-menopause syndrome

 Product ingredients - satavari+dhatki+ashok+lodhra+rudrapushpa+seb+ashwagandha+amla+shunthi+kali musli+ulatambal+semal+bilva+bargad

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