Dr JRK Siddha Dano Anti Dandruff Oil
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Dr JRK Siddha Dano Anti Dandruff Oil

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Dr. JRK Dano Anti Dandruff Oil consists of Hibiscus rosa sinensis, Wrightia tinctoria, Cassia alata, Azadirachta indica, Oleum cocos Nucifera as dynamic ingredients. Dr. JRK Dano Anti Dandruff Oil keeps hair and scalp restricted from dandruff. It has expansive range antimicrobial movement. Hibiscus rosa sinensis is a rich wellspring of flavones and have cancer prevention agents, mitigating properties. Wrightia tinctoria indicates anti-inflammatory activity. Cassia alata has an antifungal property and thus expels the chipping of dead scalp cells. Azadirachta indica contains antifungal, antimicrobial action. Oleum cocos Nucifera mollifies dandruff flakes. Dr. JRK Dano Anti Dandruff Oil limits irritation related to dandruff. It prevents the repetition of dandruff. It likewise directs skin cells turnover and desquamation.

Indications: Dandruff, Pitryasis versicolor.

Composition: Each 5ml contain extracts of: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 100 mg Wrightia tinctoria 100 mg Cassia alata 100 mg Azadiricta indica 100 mg Oleum cocos nucifera QS.

Mechanism of Action: Broad spectrum fungicidal. (Anti-pityrosporum ovale activity) Regulates keratinocyte turnover and desquamation. 

Usage/Application: Wipe hair and scalp dry before application. Apply Dano after bath over the scalp and roots of hair over the surface. Regular use of Dano oil is recommended. Use of Lumina herbal shampoo for cleansing of hair and scalp is recommended. 

Presentation: DANO antidandruff oil is presented in 100ml pet containers.

Contraindications: There are no known contra-indications

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