Dr JRK Siddha Bekay Capsule
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Dr JRK Siddha Bekay Capsule

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Dr. JRK Bekay Capsule consists of formulated Ferrum handled in juices of Eclipta prostrata and Citrus bergamia in equivalent extents. The capsule upgrades liver assurance and regularizes the levels of liver catalysts. It is compelling for pallor, loss of hunger and dyspepsia. The preparation is useful in fixing hepatic harm and reestablishes its natural functionality. Dangerous metabolites, the feasible reason for Vitiligo is abolished. It supports upgraded liver shield and regularizes the degrees of liver catalysts. Upgrades blood's oxygen conveying limit. It is adequately utilized for loss of food craving, dyspepsia and iron deficiency.

Indications: Hepatic damage and disorders, Anemia Loss of appetite and dyspepsia, Adjuvant in the treatment of Vitiligo, and hypopigmentary disorders.

Composition: Each 500mg of capsule contains: Processed ferrum * 5% Excipients QS (* Processed in juices of Eclipta prostrata and Citrus bergamia in equal proportions).

Mechanism of Action: Provides Hepato-protection by elimination of toxins and normalizing liver enzymes.


·         Adults: one capsule in the morning and two capsules at night after food with milk or water.

·         Children: Above 10 years: Two capsules a day after food with milk or water.

·         Above 5 years: One capsule once a day after food with milk or water.

·         Below 5 years: Not recommended or advised by the doctor.

Presentation: Bekay capsules were presented in 10 x 10 blister packing. Now, In new packing, it is coming in Tablet Form. 

Contraindications: There are no known contra-indications

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