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Dindayal Aushadhi 303 Capsule (Gold Power)


Dindayal Aushadhi 303 Oil (Gold Power)

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Dindayal Aushadhi Hand Sanitizer

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Dindayal Aushadhi Hriday Kavach Tablet


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Dindayal Aushadhi Badam Pak

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Dindayal Aushadhi Diabegon Capsule (Gold)


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Dindayal Aushadhi Musli Pak


Dindayal Aushadhi Shilajit Power Capsule (Gold Power)


Dindayal Aushadhi Supari Pak


Dindayal Aushadhi Swaranprash (Gold)

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Buy Dindayal Aushadi Ayurvedic Medicine and Products Online at Best Price

Dindayal Aushadhi is committed to bringing about a continuous revolution and modernization in the production and utilization of Ayurvedic formulations and practices.

Dindayal Aushadhalaya was established in 1927 on the strong science of the five elements of nature. It grew under the able guidance of a visionary - Vaidyabhushan Shri Krishnadasji Chhaparwal, who combined a great vision with vast knowledge of Ayurveda. Named after his respected grandfather, Shri Dindayalji Chhaparwal, the Aushadhalaya stands at the forefront of this complex, yet simple scientific system of healing. He added to and advanced the knowledge in this ancient system of medicine through the generations, and the company will continue to carry this baton forever. It is for his contribution to this ancient field of medicine that Shri Dindayalji Chhaparwal was given the title of Raj Vaidya in the Scindia Family.

Comprehending the necessity to raise the spirit of research in healthcare, Dindayal Aushadhi today is the proud possessor of over 750 products in its basket of offerings that serve to be a reflection of the centuries’ legacy, decades of experience, thousands of associates, well-wishers and numerous beneficiaries over the years.

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