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Buy Cookies Ayurvedic Medicine and Products Online at Best Price

Cookies are all-time favorite snacks of children. They are always better than the junk food available in the market. Nowadays, even cookies are made with extra additives and artificial colors. Hence having a threat to your child’s health.

To beat this threat and for a healthy breakfast for your kid, Ayurveda Megastore offers various kinds of organic cookies with varied tastes for individuals of all age groups.


Following are some of the benefits of having organic cookies-

  • ·       It helps in maintaining your weight
  • ·       It gives you instant energy
  • ·       It aids in giving you sound sleep
  • ·       It enhances antioxidant activities
  • ·       It helps you in lowering your cholesterol
  • ·       It maintains blood sugar levels
  • ·       It lowers the chance of asthma
  • ·       It improves the digestion system
  • ·       It soothes and cools the body
  • ·       It helps in curing constipation
  • ·       It boosts the immune system
  • ·       It reduces the risk of heart attack


Keeping in mind the health of the consumers, organic cookies are generally made with the following ingredients-

  • ·       Whole wheat flour
  • ·       Refined wheat flour
  • ·       Chestnut flour
  • ·       Gram flour
  • ·       Green gram flour
  • ·       Fennel seeds
  • ·       Cardamom
  • ·       Musk melon
  • ·       Seeds of watermelon
  • ·       Cucumber
  • ·       Baking Soda
  • ·       Cow ghee
  • ·       Baking powder
  • ·       Milk
  • ·       Brown sugar

If you want your and your kids’ breakfast snack to be healthy, you must try Ayurveda Megastore’s organic cookies. They are not only good in taste but also very beneficial to your health. You can try some of Ayurveda Megastore’s best organic cookies like Butterfly Ayurveda Tejas Cookies, Butterfly Ayurveda Prana Cookies, Butterfly Ayurveda Ojas Cookies, Butterfly Ayurveda Fruit & Nut Cookies, and many more.