Alarsin Bangshil Tablet
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Alarsin Bangshil Tablet

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Bangshil TabletDESCRIPTION Genito-Urinary Tract Infections, Burning Micturition, Bladder DisturbancesRemarkable relief from symptoms with 2-3 days Bacteriological clearance within 2-3 weeks Bangshil overcomes the limitation of anti-biotics and sulpha...

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Bangshil Tablet


Genito-Urinary Tract Infections, Burning Micturition, Bladder Disturbances

Remarkable relief from symptoms with 2-3 days 

Bacteriological clearance within 2-3 weeks 

Bangshil overcomes the limitation of anti-biotics and sulphas in the successful management of 

G.U.T. Infection 

Advantages of BANGSHIL treatment: 

In vivo: Bangshil seems to have both Bacteriostatic and Bactericidal effects. 

In severe cases: Bangshil can be combines with urinary antiseptics as it improves bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics. 

Safe drug for long term use : and for follow-up after specific treatment. 

Sense of well being: Tones up the functions and defense mechanism of G.U. system. Improves general health amd gives a sense of well being. 

Raises: General body resistance. 


  • Burning, Painful, slow, frequent micturition. Urethritis, Cystitis, Pyelonephritis, Pyelitis, Prostatitis, Crystalluria. (Phosphaturia, Oxaluria) 
  • In Females: Chronic vaginitis, asymptomatic bacteriuria of pregnancy, after instrumentation. 
  • Enlarged Prostate & Post-prostatectomy Syndrome: BANGSHIL + FORTEGE relieves hesitancy, frequency, urgency burning micturition. 


  • 2 tablets 3-4 times a day for 2-3 weeks. Then in reduced dose as necessary. 
  • In Acute cases : as an adjuvant 2 tablets three times a day 
  • Enlarged Prostate : Bangshil + Fortege 2 tablets each twice a day for 6 months or more. 


Bang Bhasma, Shilajit, Makshik Bhasma, Chandan, Kasis, Tamal Patra, Dantimool, Nishotar, Vanskapoor, etc

Side Effects: 

No Side Effects

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